Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Angel

And here is the angel listening to Sinatra's Christmas album, feasting on his big toe... nothing like some Ol'Blue Eyes and a nice jucy toe to get into the Christmas spirit! :)


  1. New follower from Bloggy Moms! Your little guy is adorable. He has the best smile. I've been looking through your blog and all the pictures and boy he sure can melt your heart!

    Love for you to stop by at


  2. Wow, the picture is so dreamy! I really like the atmosphere in it. The picture tells a Christmas story, and creates such a warm fuzzy feeling!! Great one.

  3. Frend I really, really love this picture of you and Bowman.... LILLY LOVE IT!!! Thats alot!

  4. Love the Blog! This is Adeline's first Holidays. Looks like you are gearing up too. My wife has been listening to holiday music since before Thanksgiving. We are so excited to have our little one with us this year. Hope you have a great time.