Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bad Mama.

I'm a bad mom. That's how I'm feeling right now. My sweet baby turns 5 months tomorrow, it's our first Christmas with baby Bowman as a family of 3 and guess what?? NO CHRISTMAS CARD!! yet. We went to our photographer for family photos 2 weekends ago and we'll get to see them on Friday evening at the studio, but they're not really Christmas all. Every year I always love making a great photo card, and I at least have tried a few times but all of our photos are from the iPhone and are aren't sized large enough to make a card. I guess we'll be sending out a Happy New Year card. If I can get it together.

and guess what else??

It JUST NOW donned on me that we haven't taken Baybo to have his picture made with Santa!!! It JUST occurred to me that it hasn't occurred to me at all! What's wrong with me?

Bad Mama.

But I did take this adorable video of him in his Santa hat, so I guess that's a good start.


  1. Oh friend his giggles are great! And I have to say, I love to just hear your voice! Miss you friend.....have I ever told you that? KIDDING! But I don't think you can ever hear it too much:-)

  2. Hi! I'm your newest follower coming over from Bloggy Moms! Hoping you will return the love. I have a 6 month old. We just had his picture taken with Santa! I have yet to send out our Christmas cards too! I'm a bad mommy too hehe ;)