Monday, December 20, 2010

So Far...

Bowman is 5 months old!

Between the blog and a baby journal I keep on the iPad, I write weekly updates on Baybo, how he's growing and changing and developing. I plan to combine it all into a nice baby book for him to have. AJ has one his mother kept for him and it's so much fun to read all that was going on at the different stages.

So Far...

At Birth: 10pounds 5oz 20inches, size 1 diapers
2 weeks: 10pounds 15oz
3 weeks: wearing size 2 diapers
6 weeks: 12pounds 14oz
9 weeks: can sit up in Bumbo seat!
10 weeks: 15pounds 4oz 25.5inches, cooing up a storm, sucking hands a lot
13 weeks: 16pounds 6oz
14 weeks: likes to "stand"
15 weeks: 17pounds 1oz, needs size 3 diapers
15 weeks: introduced formula into his exclusively breast milk diet
18 weeks: rolled from back to tummy for the first time
20 weeks: exclusively eating formula
21 weeks: 19pounds 27.5 inches. He sits up un-supported!!
22 weeks: had first "real" food; strained peas and apples- loved them!! sweet potatoes... not so much. He is so hungry all the time, it's like the kid is ready for "MEEEEEAT!!"

First sweet potatoes, yuck! would prefer to eat the iPhone instead :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I did it!!!

Without further adieu our 2010 Christmas Card...

I guess it took a verbal bashing from myself to finally get it done. We don't have a great family photo of the three of us that is adequate pixel sizing (thank you iPhone)to use on a card, but who really cares about momma and dada when Baybo is the real star of the show!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bad Mama.

I'm a bad mom. That's how I'm feeling right now. My sweet baby turns 5 months tomorrow, it's our first Christmas with baby Bowman as a family of 3 and guess what?? NO CHRISTMAS CARD!! yet. We went to our photographer for family photos 2 weekends ago and we'll get to see them on Friday evening at the studio, but they're not really Christmas all. Every year I always love making a great photo card, and I at least have tried a few times but all of our photos are from the iPhone and are aren't sized large enough to make a card. I guess we'll be sending out a Happy New Year card. If I can get it together.

and guess what else??

It JUST NOW donned on me that we haven't taken Baybo to have his picture made with Santa!!! It JUST occurred to me that it hasn't occurred to me at all! What's wrong with me?

Bad Mama.

But I did take this adorable video of him in his Santa hat, so I guess that's a good start.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Giants, Ogres and other Fairytale Creatures...that I live with

Hi I'm Allison and I live with an Ogre. Well, I married an Ogre and so that's why I live with one... And then we had a baby, a 10 and a half pound baby who's well on his way to becoming a future Ogre himself . I don't mean Ogre in the ugly, scary, green, shrek kind of Ogre, my husband is after all very handsome. So maybe in technical fairytale terms he's actually a Giant rather than an Ogre. Ogre just sounds so much better, and I like to tease him :)

ok, ok enough with the antics, but there IS no denying that my husband, whom I love to a million pieces, more than anything in the whole entire universe, is very tall and large. At 6'8" 250lbs I never had a reason to notice just how extraordinarily loud my man is, until I just put our baby son to bed and the Ogre decides it's time to walk around, which practically sounds like marching band practice "Boom, Boom, Boom! Thud, Thud!"... oh and did I mention the Ogre's dog? Of course we couldn't have a normal size dog, we have to have the 140lb Bernese Mountain Ogre dog, who makes just as much if not more noise moving about! (I cant blame it entirely on AJ and the dog, our fabulous and charming craftsman high-water bungalow built in 1920 doesn't really help the situation either. With all of the original oak flooring, there are definitely some squeaky spots, and because the first floor of our house is built up a half story above the slab, its louder than a normal home with first floor on-slab.)

I have become that mother, yes friends, I am the "Ssshhhhhhhh!!!!" monster. It's terrible. He stomps through the house "Feeeee-Fiiii-Fooooo-Fuuum!!" and I tip-toe around making a gawd awful "SHHHHHHHH!!" at every noise he makes.

Somebody please help us.

If you ever happen to run across a book titled "Teaching a Giant to Tip-Toe" please pick me up a copy. and also, if you happen to spot another book by the title of "Teaching your Psycho Shhhhuuushing Wife to Chill-the-*heck*-out" I'm sure AJ would be most appreciative.

I leave you with my adorable baby giant, or is it giant baby?... is there a difference? Here is cuteness himself. The "Bee" that we heart.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A little bit of Christmas

I usually spend hours, slowly putting up our Christmas decorations, enjoying each minute of it... well things are no longer as usual! In the interest of NOT stressing myself out, this year decorating was quick quick quick and simple! I spent all my energy on Baybo and had to force myself to get the decorations out of the storage boxes. We got our tree the weekend of Thanksgiving and I got out all of the decoration boxes from storage that weekend... and the boxes have been sitting in our dining room since!! I was so tired, I only put up half of what I typically do, but it's fine by me. My little decorations are up- it feels like Christmas in the house, and that makes me happy! yippeeeee! (now hopefully I can get AJ to put the decoration boxes back into the storage closet this evening:) Here are just a few quick photos I snapped on AJ's iphone...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Angel

And here is the angel listening to Sinatra's Christmas album, feasting on his big toe... nothing like some Ol'Blue Eyes and a nice jucy toe to get into the Christmas spirit! :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Little Slice of Heaven

I believe little bits of heaven surround us everyday, always. They are always there if you choose to see them. I am constantly working and reminding myself to stop. Look around. Enjoy the right now, because it's a wonderful life and after all, none of us are guaranteed anything beyond this very moment. There are no do-overs. Each moment is an opportunity to make a choice what to focus on, whether we are conscious of it or not is up to us.

Here is my little slice of heaven- sitting with Bowman in our front living room cozy by the fire.
I often get tangled up in the fast-paced what's coming next. Let's face it, I'm a busybody to-do list kinda gal and it's easy to forget to stop and appreciate all of the blessings around me. I especially try to focus on this during Christmas time. Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year. But if there ever was a to-do-list time of year, this is it! I have learned that if I don't make a continuous to slow down and soak it all in, then Christmas flies by in a blink of an eyelash! This is a lesson I have come to learn over the past few years when it's the new year and I'm crying because Christmas went by too fast. After the fact, I've realized that I was so busy and stressed out over the things we all know Christmas isn't really about (gifts, decorations, parties etc) which are all fun things but can also easily become my focus and spiral into a big source of stress if I'm not mindful.

I think this lesson I've learned about myself and the Christmas season, is a microcosm of life with a baby- it's so easy to be busy and stressed out all the time- babies grow and change so fast!! If I don't make the conscious effort to stop. refocus. appreciate right now. this precious little being that God gave me to love, nurture and care for- the time flies in the blink of an eye and I don't want to feel like I missed out.

So here's to making the choice to notice the little glimpses of heaven we all have in our lives.

Thanks for listening :)