Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Santa Baybo...

We had a lovely Thanksgiving 4-day weekend. Thanksgiving day was warm and cozy with a delicious perfect turkey AJ cooked on the grill- a skill/talent passed onto AJ by my father. W hile the Bird was roasting, we went for a nice long stroll with the Baybo all bundled up in his bassinet stroller. The day was low key and just what we needed. After Thanksgiving day, I quickly switched gears into full Christmas mode, my FAVORITE time of year!!

On Saturday AJ put up all of our Christmas lights outside and on Sunday we went and got Baybo's first Christmas tree! Bowman was sure to wear his adorable fleece Santa hat for the special occasion, and was delighted to be in his Baby Bjorn with a front row view of the action as we picked out the perfect tree :) AJ put up the Noble Fir in our front living room. Sunday evening after Bowman was asleep, AJ and I put the lights on the tree and I got out the rest of the decorations. It's festive and cozy Christmas time in the Jack household :0D

On another note My Grandaddy Cash is currently in the hospital in Rome, Georgia, I ask anybody reading this to please say a prayer for Max Cash to heal. I do believe in the power of prayer and positive thoughts- please get well soon Grandaddy I love you so much!

I leave you with adorable, sleepy Santa Bowman. Being Santa's cutest little helper is hard work :)


  1. Oh my gosh, it really seriously does NOT get any cuter than that!! SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks! I must say your little Mason man is pretty stinkin' adorable himself!! :)

  3. You're little man is gorgeous!!!!