Sunday, November 21, 2010

Infant skinny jeans???

I have to rant for a moment. I'm having a lovely evening, Baybo has been asleep for about an hour or so, and I just sat down to do a little online baby clothes perusing.
Am I the only person that doesn't "get" the infant clothes that are out on the market? I, for the life of me can not understand why a mother would put her precious, soft, squishy, cuddly baby in something like skinny jeans!!, or jeans at all for that matter. You've got to be kidding me. They are BABIES for goodness sake and they deserve all things plush, cozy, soft and comfy! Not stiff, rigid and rough, like jeans or cargo pants for crying out loud.
Very soon they will be toddlers at which point this type of clothing will serve more of a purpose but in the mean time please, PLEASE let babies be BABIES! Enjoy them while they are small and helpless, it doesn't last long. Stop dressing them to look like teenagers, they deserve much better and will be big soon enough. There, I'm done :)

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