Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Monday from Baybo!

We had a great visit from Bobbie and Poppie over the past few days! They arrived on Wednesday evening and left yesterday (Sunday) morning. They got as much Baybo time in as possible and we still managed to keep up with Baybo's routine, so he was happy the whole time! I made it a point to take lots of pictures in order to hopefully get some good ones and I did! We miss Bobbie and Poppie and were sad to see them go. Oh how I wish we could live near ALL of our family and friends that we love so dearly! Bowman is growing and changing so fast I wish everyone could see him all the time and share in our joy... in person! But that's one of the primary reasons I started writing this blog, in order to share and document as many glimpses into our life with Baybo as I can can type and photograph!!

((I love this photo because it has the Gran-dogs in it too! Murphy of course got a front row spot next to Bowman. It's so cute they're saying hi:))

((As you can see I clearly still have no clue how to use my camera, but I still like this set of photos with my mom, because they are warm and glowing and really capture the love of the special moments of Bobbie with her Baybo :))

((Special time with Poppie))

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