Monday, November 1, 2010

Cute Overload

I don't have time to write very much but wanted to share some cute pics of Baybo Dragon. We had such a fun time during Poppies visit (Wednesday night thru Saturday morning) despite Bowman deciding it was time to start teething. We were so happy Poppie stopped in to see us at the end of his 3 week long trip to his offices in Honolulu, Guam and San Francisco. I think it was a nice end to his long trip to steal some time with his only grandson and lovely daughter ;) (AJ was in San Francisco Wednesday through Friday, so he at least got a little time in with Poppie on Friday night.) Poppie cooked up a fantastic dinner of filet mignon and veggies on the grill each night, it was wonderful!!

Bowman turned 15 weeks on Friday and we went to the Dr that day to discuss his teething symptoms. He weighed in at 17 lbs 1oz! even though he had hardly eaten at all that day or very much the day before (fasting is a symptom of teething because sucking hurts their poor little mouth). I didn't expect that he would have weighed any more than our visit 2 weeks prior but of course he always exceeds my expectations! It's crazy because if he had been eating like normal he probably would have been closer to 17-1/2 pounds.

Any way here are a few cute photos. I am so in love with this precious baby, if I spent every waking moment with him it still wouldn't be enough! Who ever knew this existed~ I didn't. But I do now and it's the most amazing.

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  1. He's so cute in his costume!! And 17 pounds already? He's a well growing little boy!!