Thursday, November 18, 2010

Baybo can-do's

Dear Baby Bowman,
Your Momma just wants you to know how amazed we are with all you can do at 4 months old!!
you, our little prince can...
  • sleep un-swaddled, you love your bedtime routine and you are starting to sleep from 7:30 to 6:00am without waking up!
  • attempt to cram both entire fists into your mouth (momma is hopeful you aren't successful at this one, it would be quite odd:)
  • chew on anything you can get in your little hands and soak the top half of your shirt in drool :)
  • get each of your hands on each of your feet, after staring them down for a few weeks you got'em son!
  • stick those feet in your mouth and suck on your toesies
  • eat rice cereal, Dr. Lee said to go ahead and start you on it because you are sooooo big, you are definitely ready and think its pretty much yum!
  • you can shreeeeeeek to the high heavens
  • you smile like the sunshine, beaming from ear to ear. I think its pretty wonderful
  • you've giggled and it is THE sweetest sound on earth, we can't wait till you giggle on a regular basis
  • recognize your name when we say "Bowman!"
  • stare at the tv (so now we keep it OFF when you're around:)
  • intentionally reach, grab, hold and put things in your mouth
  • tummy time champ! you can hold your huge noggin straight up and look all around, and roll onto your back with a loud THUD!, which you think might almost just about scare you but then you just smile soooooo big!
  • get your tiny little fingers worked into my hair and manage to pull it out!
  • break your mommas left shoulder- seriously you're so big my poor little shoulder is giving out, I think we're talking about a long term problem here- let's hope my back isn't next!
  • and of course melt both your momma and daddy into a puddle of goo over your astounding adorable-ness

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