Monday, November 8, 2010

3 Months and 3 Weeks

Sighhhhhhhh, I can't stop staring at that adorable beaming Baybo face!

Our delightful Bowman is almost 4 months! November 16th he'll officially be 1/3 of his way to a year old! Life is so good and I do my best to remember to be grateful every moment.

After 3 weeks I feel like I have made a good adjustment to working again, and it's not so bad after all :) I love him SOOOOO much and he is SOOOOO precious to me, I can't get enough of him. I truly mean it when I say that if I could spend EVERY WAKING MOMENT with him it still wouldn't be enough. That being said, it also makes me feel good to go out and make a positive difference. I work for a non-profit public agency, and my hard work makes a positive difference in the community and that feels great. Because I have the peace of mind knowing Bowman is so well cared for while I am away at work, I sometimes wonder if the change of scene and focusing my energy on something else actually makes me a better mom to Bowman? When I come home from work at 4:30 I'm not exhausted like I thought I would be, I am ecstatically excited to see Baby B and we have a awesome evenings together. I think if I could have it 100% my way, my ideal situation would be to would work part-time, mornings only. But I am the only person that does my job so that just isn't possible for the agency :(
Caitlin, our nanny is truly a dream come true. I am grateful every day that she is Baybo's nanny and is there to give him the special love, affection and nurturing attention that he deserves. She's a wonderful person and adores Bowman, even checking in on the weekends because she misses him. Caitlin took the photo of B at the top of this post, she sends me pictures like these during the day all the time. I melt each time she sends one :)

A while ago I read the book "Secrets of the Baby Whisperer" and what a miracle that book is!! I used the tips and recommendations and they've worked like a charm. I have learned how much Bowman loves routine because he does so well (supposedly all babies like routine/structure and knowing what to expect, I know I personally do myself:) Since 10 weeks old, Bowman has been on a night-time routine, we start at 6:30 and he is asleep by 7:15/7:30 without fail. It's wonderful! He sleeps until somewhere between 2:30 and 3:30 when he wakes up and takes a full bottle. Then he goes right back to sleep until somewhere between 6:30 and 7:30. Since we have the night time routine down pat, I worked with Caitlin to develop his daytime "target" routine. I say "target" because this is all just a framework to shoot for, I DO NOT believe in "crying it out" whatsoever. I believe in a combination of structure and flexibility both based on Bowman's needs, but with some sense of direction in mind. and guess what? it really works! I see the routine as pro-active in that it plans for and anticipates his needs before he has to tell me he NEEDS it (aka crying:). after just one week the little guy is spot-on, he is happier (much less fussing) and so are we :)

AJ had a lot of travel during the month of October, he was out of town during the week before, the week of and the week after my first week back to work! It was really hard, but B and I survived just fine :) As of right now it looks like AJ will be home the rest of November :) yay! I continue to be so impressed with what a wonderful daddy AJ is. He is so good with Bowman, I love watching them together, like in this picture below AJ didn't know I was taking. He takes such good care of momma and baybo. I love my boys so very much!

...Oh and PS that sweater is size 12 month from Gymboree, 12 month size?! Slow down kid, you're not 4 months yet! What will you wear when you're 12 months??
My parents are coming this Wednesday evening and staying until Sunday morning. I have Thursday off and took Friday as well and am super excited to spend the time with my mommy and daddy and their grandson! I miss them so much all the time I'm so happy they're coming to see Baybo, AJ and me!! I just wish AJ had Thursday and Friday off too, but we'll all have fun together on Saturday :)

Baybo checkin out his snazzy socks in his crib during quiet time... he's devising a plan to get them into his mouth!


  1. Who is the book by? Looks like I might need to buy it... Jake likes to sleep on my chest... and that's it. :/

  2. It's by Tracy Hogg and it's wonderful! After having read several i think its the best by far and I highly recommend it :)

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  4. Friend I lub his socks and furry blankie!