Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend fun with the Baybo

After the hardest week of my life- I started work again which was the most emotionally difficult experience of my life, and to top it off AJ was gone the ENTIRE week for work! Some how we all survived and really enjoyed the weekend together. It rained all weekend here in Sacramento but that didn't stop us from going on our daily walks and Sunday morning outing to the farmers market. This is where the UppaBaby stroller really got to show off. Bowman loves the bassinet attachment, and it has a cover that keeps the weather out and Babybo stayed warm under his soft blankets and cozy and dry. Here are some photos of him in his ride...

Bowman and I got in some really good cuddle time. I so treasure our naps together, and it was so nice with the rain outside the window to be warm and cozy with my little guy. He is such a cuddle-love-bug and I hope he stays that way, I have a feeling he wont have much choice. AJ and I had some good cuddle time too, we ordered a movie Saturday night and cozied up on the sofa. but 15 minutes into the movie we were both asleep! Tired momma and daddy :)

Bowman gets a bath every evening as part of his bedtime routine, so far we have 4 different bathtubs- this whale one I picked up at Target is the latest. I like it because he is partially submerged in water but there still is no chance of his head tipping into the water because he's fully supported. AJ recorded this little video Saturday night, it looked like Bowman was practicing for swimming tryouts, he was kicking and punching the water so seriously. We cracked up over it.

Poppie comes to visit on Wednesday and we're so excited!!

Well off to bed for the new week to begin. I leave you with a photo of Bowman cooooooing at me and one of him in his punkin' head hat :)

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    We have the whale bathtub too and love it!!