Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Toys for Baybo!

Believe it or not, it is getting easier. Monday was insane. I have never in my life experienced anxiety like that! It came from deep within, from an instinctive place. It was true separation anxiety! It's getting better because our nanny Caitlin is doing so well with Bowman! He has been so happy the past three days! I mean look at him! How could you not have separation anxiety?!?
Yesterday when I got home from work our foyer was filled with boxes from I had ordered several baby gadgets and goodies. Fun Fun!

We finally got the Baby Bjorn Active carrier. Bowman really likes it! I knew he would because he loves to be carried facing out this exact way! We tried on his little Sooner hat from his Aunt Ann too. He is obsessed with the Baby Bjorn Babysitter seat I got him as well. This thing is awesome! It bounces with his movement (soon he'll figure the cause and effect correlation between his kicking and the seat bouncing) and I ordered the wooden toy attachment which is perfectly placed for him to really see his hands and the toy and he's totally working on his hand-eye coordination. He played with it for 45 minutes, grasping and batting. He was super hungry and I was amazed at how long this held his attention! Here's a little video I took of him in it...

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