Sunday, October 3, 2010

11 Wonderful Weeks

Bowman is is 11 weeks old as of 12:41am Friday morning. He is a wonderful, happy baby. He is full of smiles and coos that warm my heart like nothing I've ever experienced before (see the video in my post Baby Talking below). He loves to watch me make faces, look at colorful books, and look around in general. It's funny he LOVES having his diaper changed in fact if he is crying sometimes I lay him down and take his diaper off and he instantly starts smiling and kicking, I think what he loves is having his diaper off- I would too! He likes going for walks in his stroller or sling- the movement puts him right to sleep, if heaven forbid I stop walking for a moment Mr. Precious will let me know he is displeased:) I knew it was probably too early for him to be able to sit in but I couldn't resist getting him a Bumbo seat when we were at Target last week. We tried it out as soon as we got home and voila! he really likes it! He seems very pleased with himself when he's in it :) here he is in his Bumbo just before 10 weeks old. On this past Wednesday we had his 2 month check-up. Baby man weighed 15lbs 4oz, and 25.5 inches long. Im not a bit ashamed to say I'm proud of myself because he is still 100% breastfed, some how I'm managing to keep up with him! Pumping is SUCH a drag because it's double duty- I just take it one day at a time, at this point it's what works and I want him to have my milk that's made especially for him, as long as I can possibly stand it :) At 95th percentile for all three measurements, weight, length and head circumference Dr Lee said he is the size of a 4 to 6 month old baby. Thus my nickname for him "Mr. Meatball" he's a stout and meaty little guy!

After much stress and agony, and great input from my mommy and doctor friends, I decided not to do an alternative vaccination schedule and to go ahead with all of the vaccinations during this visit except for Hepatitis B. I'm going to wait until he's walking for that one. Hep B is transmitted like HIV, through needle sharing or sexual transmission, so I had decided to wait until he's pre-adolescent but our doctor told us that unlike HIV Hep B remains live for up to six months! The earliest he'd seen was a 3 year old that found a syringe while playing at a park! So I quickly changed my mind and decided Bowman will get it once he's moving around. I was crying before his shots and had to leave the room, AJ held him while the nurses gave him the 2 shots. It was great because we had two nurses that gave the shots simultaneously instead of one shot after the other, prolonging the agony. Bowman screamed and cried for about 60 seconds and then he was all smiles, unlike his momma :). Later that afternoon I could tell he wasn't feeling good by the way he was crying so he and I spent about 4 hours cuddling and napping in his nursery chair and he was back to his sweet self feeling great the next morning.

He's even cute when he's about to cry...
He sleeps 5 to 7 hours a night but the problem is that time begins at 7 or 8 o,clock and we don't get to bed until 11 so regardless of how long he sleeps we aren't getting as much as we'd like but that's our fault for staying up too late.

We are really working on getting him to go to sleep on his own without being rocked to sleep. Dr Lee says that if we continue to rock him to sleep and let him fall asleep while he's eating its a recipe for disaster. What he's effectively doing is creating conditions or cues in order for him to be able to fall asleep and by 6 or 9 months we'll be the parents that spend 2 hours trying to get the baby to sleep at night. So what we do every night is: 6:15pm go for a walk with B in the sling (The New Native is AWESOME he LOVES it!) the walk is a stall tactic delaying his hunger just a bit. Then when we get home I feed him a nice big bottle (remember I'm pumping) so he is nice and full. then it's bath time, which he loves. His bath is about 10 minutes and then I get him out, dry him off and give him a lotion massage. Fresh diaper, Snuza clip, swaddle, pacifier, calming music (usually this nice classical album or Stephen Halpern "Music for Sound Healing") and then into his Zen swing while he's still awake. The whole process takes about an hour, and so far it's working. When we go to bed I move him from the swing to his Snuggle Nest, soon I have to transition out the swing, and transition the snuggle nest from our bed into his pack-n-play crib in our room,and then eventually from pack-n-play in our bedroom into his crib in his nursery but hey, it's all a work in progress :)

Here he is after a nap in his nursery with his "friends"...

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  1. Oh how I love this little boy and his mommy and daddy! Much love from Oklahoma!