Friday, September 10, 2010

Not hot to shot

Bowman is 8 weeks old!!! I've been fretting and dreading the first set of vaccinations at 2 months. I cant help it- I just can't make decisions blindly I have to read read read everything I can, do my research and be informed on important matters- my son being most important of all! I'm overwhelmed and don't know what to do! There is such a drastic range of information and opinions out there it's impossible to know where to start. My gut instinct is telling me to proceed with EXTREME caution and so I'm going to listen.

First of all I do believe that vaccinating our children is extremely important, I live in California where we currently have a scary recurrence of Pertussis aka Whooping Cough, which can be fatal to infants. Why Has it made a comeback? Unvaccinated children and adults!

While I believe in vaccinating I do not necessarily believe the standard CDC schedule is the way to go in the best interest of the health and safety of MY child. Case in point- why in the world vaccinate a brand newborn or 2 month old baby for Hepatitis B, a disease contracted by sexual transmission and/or needle sharing?? If the disease is not a threat to my baby, nor will it be for many many years then why is it recommended so young?

The CDC's objective of protecting the masses from major outbreaks is not necessarily congruent with mine as a parent.

I have read Dr. Sears' "The Vaccine Book" and he provides some alternative vaccination schedules that spreads out some vaccinations so they don't have to get so many at once, and delays some others. His recommendations are based on when a child is most at risk for certain diseases and the degree of potential risk of side effect. While his recommendations look ok to me at the surface, that's all they are, recommendations- just his unsupported opinion.

I have a friend from high school who is now a pediatrician with little twin boys. I of course asked for her input and she recommended going with the CDC schedule.

Our pediatrician thinks Dr. Sears can be a bit extreme/kooky and recommended
I read the book "Do Vaccinations Cause That?" which I just ordered on Amazon. I also ordered "Autism's False Prophets" so I guess I'll keep you posted on what more I learn/decide.

While all of the reputable studies out there show the CDC's schedule is perfectly safe, it scares me!! But when I really ponder the source of my fear I would have to pinpoint it to all of the unsubstantiated negative hype I've heard on tv over the years. Floating to the front of my mind is Jenny McCarthy who is a celebrity voice of many parents that insist that vaccinations caused Autism in their children (primarily boys), how terrifying!! It is scary that thousands of parents notice autistic symptoms in their children soon after certain vaccinations... I'm going round and round...

I'd love input from other Mommy's!


  1. I struggled with this too since it seems to affect boys more...EEK! I think my input is to make sure you have a pediatrician you trust & if it coincides with your gut feeling (based on intuition AND research), do what they say. At least, that is what we did. Our ped is PRO-Vaccines, but also very well informed on all the studies out there. For example, she had reservations about the latest swine flu vaccine, but she said for us we need to do it. Drake has a history of respiratory problems and I was pregnant at the time. She felt we were a higher risk than other families. We took her advice and got it. So, bottom line, I think you need a doctor that you really trust because vaccines are the first of MANY, many decisions you'll have to make regarding your children. It helps we have someone I can ask any question and I trust her opinion/advice. Good luck!

  2. I recently read Autism's false prophets as well. Excellent book, easy to read, and well researched. Made me feel better about ignoring all the "celebrity hype" about vaccines and go ahead and vaccinate my little one on schedule.

    Unfortunately, we do not yet know what causes autism. What is strikingly clear is that it starts to cause problems around the age of 6-12 months in both vaccinated and unvaccinated children. So with that in mind, I just wanted to make sure that my kids were protected from all of the diseases possible!