Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bath Time!

Finally after 7 weeks, I found a bath "positioner" if you will, that makes bath time a non-drowning potential for baby and far less stressful event for mama . We've tried the euro-style washpod (which should be great once he can sit up on his own), and the PUJ tub which doesn't stay together on its own, maybe because our bathroom sink basin is large, but if thats the case they should state the sink basin requirements instead of claiming it fits in "any sink" this meant AJ had to hold the bottom fold together while I washed the baby or else B would go sliding into the sink water-scary! Both gave me MAJOR heart attacks, and for all the hype I was so disappointed, not to mention fearful for my son's life!!(pictured below are the failed PUJ and Washpod)

I bought this one the other day and its perfect! It sets in our bath tub, I can put the baby in and not have to worry about him slipping into the water or falling out. Now we can be good parents that don't make excuses/procrastinate bathing our son :) YAY for baby-bathtime!!

Here are some pictures, and a little video- I think he looks like a Cabbage Patch doll in the video :)

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