Thursday, September 16, 2010

2,630 Days, 1 baby and a plane ticket

2,630 days, 1 baby and a plane ticket. That's what it took for me to FINALLY change my last name!

AJ and I got married exactly 2,630 days ago on July 3rd 2004. I always intended to change my last name and take my husbands last name when I got married because I believe in the traditional approach and because I admire and respect AJ so much that I was honored to be his wife and take his last name. I just never thought it would take me so long to do it! After we were happened and it was busy and exciting! all the sudden WOOSH it's been over six years and I still hadn't done it!

Once I became pregnant I knew it was really time to do it because it's also very important to me that I have the same last name as my child.
About 2 weeks before Bowman was born I finally went to Social Security to begin the name changing process only to discover that I didn't have a valid copy of our marriage license certificate!! Ughhh the saga continued..

Many months ago my mom booked tickets for AJ, Bowman and me to fly to Atlanta for my cousins wedding this weekend. I told her i'd have my name changed for sure by then so she booked my ticket as Allison Jack. All along we haven't been for sure that we would travel with the baby and knew we'd wait until the last minute to decide based on how he and we were doing. Bowman is happy, healthy and stout at 9 weeks and over 14lbs so we decided over the weekend we were going for sure. I don't know when there will be another opportunity for Bowman to meet ALL of my relatives on my dads side. (side story ensues) My dad is one of 7 children and our big family is SOOO special to me along with the small town he grew up in, Mentone, Alabama. Growing up jordan and I went to Mentone every summer to be with Grandmom and Grandad Cash, i have the best memories of this time we spent in the lap of love. Mentone is beautiful, it's located in North East Alabama in the Appalachian foothills. For those of you that are country music fans familiar with the group "Alabama", their song "Down Home" was written about Mentone and my Grandad used to take the Alabama band members fishing on his lake. While we're there we're having Bowman baptized also. Needless to say once we decided we were officially going I was ecstatic. On Tuesday morning I realized that my ticket is for Allison Jack and that i wouldn't be getting on that plane u less I AM Allison Jack!! So I frantically called the Alaska department of Vital Statistics and had them express mail our marriage certificate so I could change my name before the flight..which is TOMORROW! I suppose we are meant to fly south because sure enough the marriage certif. arrived this morning, pretty impressive coming from Juneau in less than 48 hour, and I went to social security and he DMV and am now legally Mrs. Jack!!

Poor AJ is officially stuck with me for good :0)

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