Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hiya Folks! I've been so busy teaching my mommy and daddy everything they need to know to take care of me I just haven't had so much time to write a new blog.

Things have been going pretty good around the Jack family house, everyone is settled in and adjusting to the newest addition (moi, yours truly:)

I'm officially 3 weeks old as of 12:41am! In addition to all the eating and sleeping I did the first 2 weeks of my life, now I like to spend a little awake time after I eat. I LOVE to stare at my mommy and daddy's faces-fascinating!! They talk to me, tell me all kinds of stories and sing silly songs to me when I'm awake. I loves it! I've also added a little extra fussing into the mix just to keep them on their toes ;)

We went to see Dr. Lee on Wednesday and I weigh 10 pounds 14 ounces, mommy says I've been eating like a pig and I guess she's right- I loooooooves me some momma milk! Dr. Lee said I'm doing great and we'll see him again when I'm 2 months old.

My hair is still blond, and my eyelashes have grown a lot since I was first born. they are getting long and are also blond. My eyebrows are still super light blond, they look invisible but they're there. Momma calls me her precious peach because I have soft light fuzzy hair on my shoulders and arms and even some on my ears, I guess she's gonna call me that until I can tell her to stop :)

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  1. He's a cutie! I'm so happy for the both of you! Hope your feeling good as well!