Monday, August 30, 2010

6 Weeks HolyMoly!

Bowman turned 6 weeks old this past Friday! We also went to the doctor on Friday to discover that our baby boy weighs in just shy of 13 pounds (12lbs 13 oz!) He's a whopper! I'm feeling pretty proud of myself for being able to keep up with his huge appetite, so far he is 100% breastfed which has been major work for his momma :) I TOTALLY understand why some mothers either choose to or HAVE to incorporate formula into feeding their babies. I always said I wanted to breastfeed for 1 year but now I have my eye on 6 months ;) We'll see where we end up...

Today is AJ's first day back to work. It has been beyond amazing that he was able to take 6 weeks off and the three of us were able to have such bonding time together. Thank goodness he has a team of fantastic reps that did an awesome job and he was able to relax and have peace of mind while he was out. There is just nothing like the past 6 weeks we've had together. Such a blessing! I can say for sure that having AJ here and the two of us sharing and participating in everything together has kept my head on straight.

I am actually able to write this right now because our Doula, Anita (also our hypobirthing instructor,) is here with Bowman. I joke that she's my Rent-A-Gramma, but she's so much more. I feel 110% confident in leaving B with her, she has amazing baby instinct/skills. When she comes to the house, I can hand her the baby and go take a nap or do whatever I want to, or she can help me give him a bath, or all sorts of mothering tips and advice. Anita is a professional lactation consultant and is a wealth of knowledge on breastfeeding. She gave me an herbal tea recipe that soothes gas in his tummy: 2 teaspoons Chamomile, 1 teaspoon fennel seed and 1 teaspoon catnip. Steep for 10 minutes drink and its in your milk after 20 minutes. At AJ's insistence, she's coming to help me 3 days a week until I go back to work.

At 3 weeks old, Bowman started to fuss a little during feeding. We wrote it off as common fussiness and him getting tired. But after 3 weeks it finally donned on us that the ONLY time he ever fusses is while he's eating! Otherwise baby B NEVER cries. This made me think he was experiencing discomfort while eating. It turns out he has what our doctor refers to as "fat-baby reflux" meaning that he eats so much he has some reflux that's causing discomfort (as opposed to very serious forms of reflux some babies get that is so bad they don't keep any milk down and cant gain weight :( So he gave us a prescription for baby Zantac and that seems to be helping our little guy, I'd say his mealtime crying is down about 85%. I just feel bad it took us 3 weeks to realize that hmmmmmm maybe this means more than "just fussy"
Last weekend we had a visit from Grampa Jack and Gramma D! We had so much fun and were so happy they could come to California from Tulsa and meet their grandson! We love them so much :)

Well that's all for now, its nap time for this momma :)
Here are some pictures from the past 2 weeks...

Monday, August 16, 2010

4 weeks!

(8-29-10: As testament to how busy life has been, I wrote this 2 weeks ago but forgot to post it, so here's my 4 week update, 2 weeks late :)

Well I'm so happy to say we've made it 4 weeks as a family of 3!! I think AJ and i have passed the first month test with flying colors. The time has gone by both fast and slow. It's been a whirlwind of hospital, family, diapers, breastfeeding, and sleep? what sleep?? and it has all been AMAZING! I can honestly say that i've loved every minute of it. The fact that AJ is able to stay home for6 weeks is an absolute God send! I think its because of AJ being home that I was able to dodge the "baby blues" I only had one day of uncontrollable unprompted crying, and that was it! thank goodness. I truly cant imagine doing all this by myself, but so many new moms do I know I would have survived all the same. I think all-in-all AJ and I have stayed pretty sane during the past 4 week caring-for-a-newborn crashcourse that Bowman has had us on.

Speaking of Bowman, he is wonderful. We are so in love with our baby son. He is spending a lot more time awake, quitely alert. We talk to him, sing, make funny faces, while he's awake and then off to sleep he goes. he's sleeping about 3-4 hours at a time during the night, and naps 1 to 2 hours during the day. The lil'guy eats like a piggy. 11 days ago he weighed 10lbs 14oz, he'll be weighed in tomorrow and I'm betting he's close to 12lbs by now. He's already in size 2 diapers!

As far as Bowman's momma goes, I'm healing pretty well. As you can imagine it was no easy feat giving birth to a 10.5-pound baby. my poor body sure took a beating during the process. I also lost a lot of blood- almost had to have a transfusion, but luckily my blood count bounced back and I didnt have to. But that also contributed to my being so wiped out. I'm finally able to start going for walks and am starting to feel pretty good!

Last week AJ booked a trip for my 30th birthday, next June- 16 days in France! We're flying in and out of Paris, definitely heading to Bordeaux and Nice and the rest of the trip is to be determined. We'll have enough time to advenure as much as we want to. We're bringing baby B along too, he'll be 11 months and hopefully not walking yet. Thank goodness AJ was able to book business class so the long trip will be a little easier, after all we're going to have a 50-pound baby in our lap! (and i'm not afraid to use the baby-nyquil if I need to ;) wink wink)


Saturday, August 7, 2010


The past three weeks I've lived with an entirely new love and perspective. It feels like a treasure chest has been unlocked, a treasure chest I didn't know existed, and it's filled with the hugest most amazing love and emotion I've ever experienced. The new love I have for my husband and for our new baby son fills me to the brim.

AJ is my rock I could not have done what I did without him. He was with me right by my side every step of the way, every moment of the 23 hours I intensely labored. He was and is my strength, he makes me a stronger person. Since Bowman arrived we've done everything together- but had to take the reigns on a few things such as diaper changing since I broke into sobbing tears at the first sight of diaper rash :( We've gone through a whirlwind of new experiences WAY out of our comfort zone. It's those times that either break you down or make you stronger and I'm so happy for the new strength we've found in each other.

Bowman is a perfectly plump, golden blond, covered in peach fuzz, precious boy. He has a dimple in his chin and a double dimple in his right cheek, which I kiss constantly. I truly love each and every moment with him.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hiya Folks! I've been so busy teaching my mommy and daddy everything they need to know to take care of me I just haven't had so much time to write a new blog.

Things have been going pretty good around the Jack family house, everyone is settled in and adjusting to the newest addition (moi, yours truly:)

I'm officially 3 weeks old as of 12:41am! In addition to all the eating and sleeping I did the first 2 weeks of my life, now I like to spend a little awake time after I eat. I LOVE to stare at my mommy and daddy's faces-fascinating!! They talk to me, tell me all kinds of stories and sing silly songs to me when I'm awake. I loves it! I've also added a little extra fussing into the mix just to keep them on their toes ;)

We went to see Dr. Lee on Wednesday and I weigh 10 pounds 14 ounces, mommy says I've been eating like a pig and I guess she's right- I loooooooves me some momma milk! Dr. Lee said I'm doing great and we'll see him again when I'm 2 months old.

My hair is still blond, and my eyelashes have grown a lot since I was first born. they are getting long and are also blond. My eyebrows are still super light blond, they look invisible but they're there. Momma calls me her precious peach because I have soft light fuzzy hair on my shoulders and arms and even some on my ears, I guess she's gonna call me that until I can tell her to stop :)