Friday, July 23, 2010

My name is Bowman Isaiah Jack and I'm 8 days old. I was born at 12:41 AM on July 16, I weighing in at 10.5 pounds and 20 inches long. My momma and I had 23 hours of hard work before I finally arrived. I was born in a nice warm water tub which was very calming and soothing for my momma during those really big contractions. Momma worked very hard and didn't have any pain medication during the entire time. That turned out to be my saving grace because my shoulder got stuck on the way out. If momma hadn't been able to stand and change positions, the doctors would have had to break my collar bone to get me out! Hooray for momma I know she's very proud of what she did. Mom says there is no way she possibly could have done what she did without the support from my daddy. He was there by her side the entire time saying nice things and giving her strength and confidence. Since I was born daddy has taken such good care of me and momma, he's really is the best daddy I ever could have imagined!!

So far I think life is pretty great! I sleep a lot, and the only time I really cry is when I'm hungry. I don't like pacifiers at all I prefer momma's milk! I've had a little bit of jaundice so momma and daddy and I stayed an extra day in the hospital, I got to sleep in a cocoon like bag with ultra violet lights inside that help to make the jaundice go away. On Monday we all got to go home. Momma and Daddy brought home a ultra violet light blanket that goes on my back that I've had to lay on pretty much all the time. Today we got great news from Dr. Lee that my jaundice count had finally decreased! I eat like a champ- after I was born my weight dropped to 9 lbs 7 ounces and now I'm back up to 9 lbs 14 ounces! I think I'm a pretty lucky guy because I've been surrounded by the love of my family members since i was born, aside from momma and daddy, my Poppie & Bobbie are here all the way from Anchorage, they brought my Great Grandmother Margaret with them- she's almost 91 so its pretty special that I get to meet her. My daddy's best friends, Uncle Renzi and Uncle Tim both flew from Oklahoma City and got here the same day I was born! They got to hold me and help my daddy and momma with things while we were in the hospital. Once we went home, my Uncle Jordan came to see me from Seattle, he's very busy working on his second masters degree so he could only stay for a day but I'm so happy I got to meet him early on. My Great Auntie Ann and Uncle Jack from Edmond Oklahoma are here for several days too! Everyone has been helping my mom and dad so much. Bobbie and Poppie have made each healthy meal making sure momma and daddy are well fed so they can take care of ME!! Bobbie calls me Mr. Precious and Poppie likes to call me Mr. Bojangles :)

Well that's all for now... Mom says it's time for milk and a loooooong nap! We'll see about that :)

Bobbie and Great Grandmother Margaret and Me in the hospital room

Poppie and Me

Aunt Ann and me


  1. Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations! We are so very happy for you all! Allison, what an amazing momma you are already! He's adorable! Hope you keep feeling better, and we will continue to pray for you all! :) Love, The Stones.

  2. Bowman is so adorable! Way to go Momma!

  3. Allison,
    He is perfect! So happy for you guys! What a little chub! I wanna smooch him right now!!!!

  4. Alli I am SOOOOO glad you started this blog! I am not missing a thing except holding that sweet baby and giving you a HUGE hug!! But dont fret, I will be there in one week!!!!