Friday, July 2, 2010

FULL TERM! yahoooo! 37 Weeks.

Yesterday Bowman officially reached 37 weeks, which is considered full term- this is based on our LATER due date, July 22nd (If we'd got to keep our original of the 15th I'd be 38 weeks! they moved our date because of the very very first two ultrasound measurements) now FOR SURE if he were born at anytime he would not be considered premature. He gave another outstanding and wiggly performance at our Doctor appointment yesterday. Our Midwife estimated him to weigh high 7's to 8 lbs- it's just an experienced guess they never know for sure but sounds like little man is getting plenty to eat in there :)
Bowman thinks it's the greatest game to see how hard he can kick his mamas right side ribs. He kicks so hard I feel the cartilage popping! It's ok though because as long as I'm getting upper right side baby foot action, that means he is in optimal position for his big exit. Left Anterior Occiput is the ideal fetal position to best fit through the pelvis- you can read more at I'm pretty diligent at this point about doing everything I can to keep him in position/avoid him moving to another position. I only lay on my left side, I DO NOT sit in a reclined position at all- this can encourage them to swing back into a posterior position (their back along your spine) which makes for a very painful delivery, and I don't ever lay on my back (you're not supposed to anyway because of the large blood supply vein that runs to your lower body).
My pelvic pain is getting much much worse, it's very painful for me to walk. It's the worst when I have to lift my left foot, walking or anything else for that matter. I can't believe how hard this is on my whole self, extremey hard on me physically I guess i'm not as strong or tough as I thought I was :( But there's nothing to be done about it, I just hope it will provide some benefit during labor. It's just a big bummer I cant even go for a walk :(
Today is my LAST day of work!! I cant believe it! I am going to do my very best to relax, go inward and be as calm, tranquil and centered as possible. I can't really do much any way because of the pain...
So here goes!

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