Monday, July 12, 2010

Bowman's Nursery

So I got out the fancy-dancy high-tech (high-tech for moi at any rate) camera AJ got me for my birthday last year. I seriously need to take lessons to learn how to use this thing once and for all. It's one of those "real" cameras, you know with the bug huge lens... a Cannon Rebel something or other. Any way the lens is wider than my little usual camera Cannon Elph so I was able to get some shots of the nursery but I really struggled with the lighting, some of the pics are light and in some the room looks dark (which it's not, it has great windows). It's pretty much ready to go, except for a few very small things...
I had so much fun bringing my concept to life. The room is so happy and cheerful, without being overly juvenile or guckie.

Please note- the behemoth chair- AJ and I went nursery chair shopping probably when I was 14 or 15 weeks. We'd heard all sorts of things on how important it would be to have a great gliding chair. I of course had something fabulous in mind, the classic Risom Rocker designed by Danish modern furniture designer Jens Risom. I reluctantly agreed to broaden my horizons and fully explore all options of fully upholstered rocker/glider/recliner chairs out there. I very quickly realized the need for this chair to be as comfortable as possible but I hated to compromise aesthetics. The MOST important thing- #1 priority was not just that the chair be comfortable to me but that it would be comfortable to my 6'8" husband. This meant finding a chair that he could rest the back of his head on- most chairs hit him somewhere around his shoulder blades or top of shoulder- not so comfy when you're rocking with a beebee for a few hours. So with Daddy's comfort being a top priority- Daddy took mamma kicking and screaming to LazyBoy. We finally settled on this chair, which I found to be the least of all evils, (you'd never believe me if I told you he tried to get me to go for an even BIGGER chair, I felt like Alice in Wonderland in a ginormous chair when I sat in it, even the sales person laughed!) I selected a custom upholstery and we had it specially made with my fabric. So now mamma AND daddy can sit comfortably for hours with baby B (also note the little TV, that's for Daddy too in anticipation of late nights) The chair is HUGE! my feet don't touch the floor, but I must stay it's probably the most comfortable thing ever. Bowman had better agree....
All the pictures I took look the same to me so it was hard to pick the better ones, but this gives you an idea of Baby Bowmans room...

Changing table/dresser and closet door (AJ still has to hang the mirror)

Look at all of the HAND MADE blankets our friends and family made for our little man! They are all so beautiful and such treasures!!

We have so many little baby treasures of AJ's it was hard not to put some up on the shelves...
AJ's baby book- filled with so many details his mother wrote!

AJ's silver baby cups, Peter Rabbit cup and saucer, and 2 precious relief prints. All found in his mothers belongings in our storage unit.

Rainbow picture painted by AJ at about age 3-4 (his mothers writing)

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  1. This room is just beautiful friend and filled with so many special mementos! I cant wait to see it in 21 DAYS!!!!!