Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We are SOOOO excited for Bowman to be here!

We our 39 week appointment yesterday afternoon. I'm dilated 1cm (not that that really means anything about when labor will start) but it's nice to know somethings happening :). Yesterday we saw our midwife- our practice consists of both OB's and CNM's and it's been so great seeing both whenever I choose. When I had the blood pressure scare I saw my OB, but when everything fine I choose to see my midwife because I feel she spends more time talking about whatever I have on my mind. It's great to get the extra patience and attention.

Yesterday we brought a copy of our birth plan to have on file for when I do go into labor. I've already written about how great and baby friendly the maternity/birthing center is at Sutter Davis, the hospital I'll be delivering at; typical birth plan requests are standard protocol at Sutter Davis (such as not cutting the cord until it stops pulsing so baby gets all the blood and oxygen my body made for him, immediate skin-to-skin contact, no bulb suctioning at birth, baby never is taken out of our room unless there is an emergency, etc) all of these are so good for the baby but these are not standard practices at the majority of hospitals.

I have a few things that go beyond Sutter Davis' already wonderful standard protocol- such as under NO circumstance whatsoever do I want to be administered Pitocin. My midwife pushed back on me about this, knowing that I am well researched and am making well informed choices, she asked me to think about it a little more before I finalize this decision. Well I did more looking into it and I only feel stronger about my choice.

It's a hard reality but the fact of the matter is that some "standard" practice is not always motivated by what is best for the baby, if it were, Pitocin would be used FAR less often. Im no longer naive to this, my choices are all based on what is best for my baby- given NORMAL healthy circumstances. It's interesting that the more intervention involved, the more slippery the slope is in the decline of normal and healthy.

If there is an emergency it will be for a real reason not because Pitocin caused my baby to distress. If there is an emergency I will have a c-section, otherwise my body will do a great job of having our baby without intervention. Im not interested in messing around in the middle ground and then ultimately ending up having to have a c-section any way.

AJ and I have discussed this in length and he completely agrees.

These are 2 great write-ups about it. The second one has a short video clip worth watching.

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