Monday, June 28, 2010

T minus 36!

Im WAY behind, this should have been posted last Thursday. The 36th week is flying by!
At our Dr. appointment on Wednesday, our OB verified he is right where it should be down in my pelvis. They did a 30 minute monitoring and he did GREAT! Bowman din NOT appreciate the monitors on my tummy, he kept kicking down the monitor belt on the top of my tummy. It was hilarious! His heartbeat and movements were perfect!

On Friday the 18th my office surprised me with a baby shower! I was so touched by how much everyone did. All of the employees brought food, decorated and brought gifts. Their excitement and generosity really made me feel special. So unexpected and so sweet of everyone :)

Bowmans nursery is complete! It's so hard to capture with my camera, I need a wider angle lens. I'm going to see if I can borrow one from my office to take pictures to post.

I also wanted to mention that this past Wednesday was my parents 31st wedding anniversary! I am beyond blessed and so proud to have two of the most wonderful people as my mother and father. Their unconditional love and respect for each other over the past 31 years has been the best gift they ever could have given me. Their love for eachother gave me a strong foundation in life and made me who I am today. I have learned so much from them as individuals, as husband & wife, and as parents. They have accomplished so much over the past 31 years, I can't wait to see what the next 31 years has in store. And now they're gonna be grandparents- Bobbie & Poppie!

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