Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Handsome Husband!!

Today is my ever-so handsome prince charming husband's birthday!! He's my dream-boat :)

We started celebrating this morning with a 6:30am trip to our fave coffee shop where he enjoyed a french press and I a fab vanilla latte with ever so smooth and velvety foam, foam no Starbucks can come close to.

I worked half day, came home and took a long nap and then out to do some birthday errands (when AJ was little he used to think "errands" were "aarons", just a cute little tid-bit). I bought a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake and took it to the restaurant we were going to later to surprise him for desert. Then I headed to Nordstrom where I picked out some new clothes for hunney-bunney. After few more stops and I was done with my birthday shopping :)
I'm pretty limited in getting around so by the time I finished my "aarons" I was pooped but it was time for dinner at Chicago Fire a chicago-style deep dish pizza spot in midtown Sac.
Dinner was uh-mazing, super yummy and best of all AJ was really happy, loved his presents and was totally surprised by the cake.
I had so much fun celebrating my big man's 34th birthday and making him feel special. He is the best and I am so grateful for him.
I Love you baby!

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