Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy 29th... the first of many!!

A Happy 29th Birthday Weekend it was indeed!!

It started on Friday morning, AJ got up early for his Friday morning workout with his trainer while I got up and did my meditation, drank yummy coffee and finished packing. By 8:30 we kissed the doggy-heads goodbye and were out the door and hit the road for the 1.5 hour drive to San Francisco. (Thanks to my friend Kyla and her lil'dog Molly for taking great care of our boys while we were away:)

We made it to the Ritz in good time with only one potty emergency for yours truly :) As the bellman was unloading our goods, AJ calmly came around to my side of the car and said "Alli, I forgot our clothes." We made it in great time but all of our clothing for the weekend was neatly hanging in the garment our bedroom!! I called Kyla and AJ called our friend and AJ's colleague Patricia, who was coming to San Francisco but hadn't left yet and she was able to pick them up before leaving town! Whew!

Our room wasn't ready yet so we made our way up to the Club Lounge where AJ enjoyed a cheerful-bubbly glass of champagne as I drooled in envy. Just kidding about the drool part, not the envy part.

At 12 we headed out for our lunch reservation at a Peruvian restaurant that was highly recommended to AJ called La Mar. It's located on the water just next to the Ferry Building. It was AMAZING!! I'd never had Peruvian cuisine before and oh my goodness it wont be the last. La Mar is now tied in first place with our other fave San Fran restaurant, Slanted Door. It was a truly perfect lunchtime. table for 2 out on the patio overlooking the water, and the usually windy weather was so nice and calm. Perfect. We so enjoyed the meal and each others company!

We got back to the hotel at about 2:30 got checked into our room which was a fabulous corner room with lots of windows and amazing views. And then it was nap time for you know who (little did I know this would be a recurring theme throughout the weekend). I lay in the quiet room in the oh-so comfortable bed and listened to my deep relaxation meditations and drifted off to sleep for a good 2-3 hours! I am supposed to be listening to the mediation's for at least 40 minutes each day- as part of my birthing preparation and they are soooooo relaxing they often make me fall asleep, hard.

I discovered how much more fun it is to give gifts for my birthday rather than receive. AJ's birthday is at the end of the month and I had already bought one of his presents. I'm terrible with surprises and I just couldn't stand it so I brought it and gave it to him as soon as we checked into our room. Its a VADO mini cam- about the size of an iphone, it holds hours of video- its a competitor of the Flip video, I did all the research and the Vado turned out to get better reviews than the flip. Its so tiny handy-dandy little gadget! It will be great for catching all the baby Bowman action! I have a feeling there will be many videos posted soon!

That evening we went to dinner at a little hole in the wall Italian restaurant, Franchino, in North Beach. The owners, Mamma and Pappa greeted us and prepared an amazing meal, we both ate way too much! But we still found it within our hearts and our stomachs to stop off at the club lounge for a decaf latte and some delicious little deserts before bed :)

On Saturday my actual birthday I started the day out at the spa. I got a pedicure which was heavenly since I can no longer reach my own feet without risk of injury, ha! So now my tootsies are painted all pretty and that makes me happy :) Luckily it wasn't too embarrassing because the swelling had gone down a teensy bit, it was still bad, but not quite the elephant status they were on Thursday and Friday.

After the spa it was nap time again. After a nice hours nap, while I was getting ready for us to head out for a little shopping, there was a knock at the door. I answered to find a bellman holding the most beautiful bouquet of pink and white peony's, roses and stargazer lillies! Stunning! Maybe the biggest and most beautiful arrangement I've ever received. They were from my Bobbie and Poppie (my parents). So sweet! The fragrance filled the room immediately! It's hard to capture how wonderful they were in a photo but I tried...
We of course brought them home and they fill the downstairs with fragrance.

We went shopping, I started with a good size list of places I wanted to go- AJ said we could go wherever I wanted to. Ranging from Neimans, to vintage furniture stores to fabric & upholstery stores I had a laundry list of stops to make. I wondered why AJ wasn't giving any indication of protest. Smart man. I was completely and utterly exhausted after 2 stores. We made it to Neimans and Britex Fabrics, which are right across the street from each other at Union Square- which was 4 blocks from the Ritz, which was too far for me to walk so basically I was completely and utterly exhausted after being dropped off by the Ritz driver at Union Square. I dont even think I made it 2 hours. Such a shame, if I hadn't been tired I would have been disappointed in myself. This Baby B just takes every drop I've got, I couldn't even manage a decent shopping trip on my BIRTHDAY for goodness sake!!

After more nap time, we had dinner at our favorite restaurant Slanted Door. Its the best food and we both LOVE it!!

We got off to a leisurely start on Sunday. AJ took me to one of the vintage stores I'd wanted to visit on Saturday, and then he drove us up to the Twin Peaks lookout where we got a few glimpses of the magnificent city in its entirety before a fog blew in. It was such a lovely weekend and I wish there were words to adequately express how much I love AJ.

Home is wherever I am with you.

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