Thursday, June 3, 2010

Deja Vu? 33 Weeks...again!

That's right!! We had our prenatal appointment yesterday morning and they settled the confusion. My due date has been officially moved from July 15th to the 22nd. It turns out the early ultrasound measurements are the only reliable measurements in determining due date. measurements of our 2 earliest ultrasounds (12/7/09 and 12/21/09) indicate July 22nd. So it's a do-over of week #33 :) Other than that, everything is going great for Baby Bowman, and his momma is hangin' in there.

I currently have what could only be accurately described as elephant marshmallow feet! Seriously, this is no exaggeration, I could seriously join the circus and charge admission to see the amazing elephant foot lady!! They don't look like they belong on my body!!! I can't believe I'm actually posting a picture (which doesn't even do them justice), but you'd never believe me! The Dr. said that at this point, there is so much pressure on my kidneys, the only time they are really able to function is when laying on my side... and that's why I make about 3-4 trips to the bathroom at night! She said that by the amount of swelling, I have at least 10lbs of extra water weight I'm lugging around. 10 LBS!!! Gosh I'm glad I don't look at the scale anymore, it's a relief because this is all so far out of my control!

I had another appointment on Tuesday with my chiropractor and he did a new adjustment we hadn't done before that worked like a miracle! On Wednesday my pelvis was nearly pain free!! It was wonderful to be able to walk without feeling like knives stabbing in my pelvic joints...until Wednesday evening I was standing talking to AJ and BAM! this kid did some maneuver that knocked me back out of alignment. Immediately the pain returned and today it's worse than it has been. I'm not kidding, my pelvic joints are so pliable I feel like Gumby. I'm really trying hard to stay positive and not complain too much :)

This evening at Sutter Davis our hospital, we'll be attending their "Meet the Midwives" event. We will have the opportunity to meet every all of the midwives and OB's in the practice, any of whom could be on call when Bowman decides to arrive. I'm really looking forward to it as a great opportunity to have conversations with them and get to know their faces :)

We had our second HypnoBirthing class on Tuesday and it was great! 3 hours goes by so fast, probably because the material and information is so fascinating and also because its in the comfort of our instructors home with just us and 2 other couples. This week we learned deepening relaxation techniques, we watched some videos from couples that followed the hypnobirthing philosophy/method and recorded their births- it was so amazing to see how relaxed the laboring mothers are at full dilation! I'm keeping the faith! If they can do it so can I! We also watched a video about standard "protocol" at hospitals and that sometimes just because it's protocol does not mean it's in the best interest of mother and baby. All I can say to expecting parents out there is learn. Learn about anything and everything that will take place during your labor and birth at the hospital. You have choices, but often you wont know it unless you do the research yourself. If you aren't aware of your options, and make your own choices they will be made for you and may not be what you would have wanted, resulting in some very scary outcomes.

This Saturday is my big day- the BIG 2-9!! 29 years old! I am so grateful for so many things I have to pinch myself. Thank you to the most wonderful amazing parents in the whole world for being such excellent role models and always showering me with your endless love and support. Thank you to my dream-boat husband, for being everything to me that I could ever want, in every way and more.

We were supposed to be in Dallas this weekend for AJ's cousin Blakes wedding. I so wish we could be there to celebrate with Blake & Lauren and all of our family! It's a good thing we listened to our doctors advice not to try to fly at this stage because as it turns out there's just no way I could in this condition. But we hate to have to miss it :( We'll certainly be thinking of them on Saturday.

Since it's my birthday we're heading to San Francisco tomorrow morning to stay for the weekend. It's only 1.5 hours away so if anything were to happen we could be at our hospital pretty fast, (convenient that Davis is on the way to SF). It will be a nice little getaway for us, probably our last getaway before baby-time! We're staying at the Ritz and we just plan to spend time in the spa, cruise around the city (as much as I can manage, my cruise speed is pretty slow), and enjoy each other. Maybe just a teensy-weensy bit of baby shopping :) wink wink. I'm supposed to be getting a pedicure at the spa on Saturday morning but I'm almost too embarrassed to show my poor feets.

We had a great Memorial day weekend, we spent most of the day Saturday at our storage unit sorting through things. The best find was AJ's baby book! His mother wrote so many details during her pregnancy and about him as a baby. We found out that her starting weight was 112lbs and her finishing weight was 165lbs! Poor thing gained half of her bodyweight!! The biggest surprise was that AJ was born 5 days early and was 24-inches at birth! That is sooooo long, and almost more surprising is that the kid at 9.5 months old weighed 28LBS!! He was a Monster Baby!!!

Check out our bounty from our Sunday morning trip to the farmers market! Yummm!

And an hilarious photo of our 1 year old kitten, Nigel, who adores AJ! Any chance Nigel has to get his paws on his Daddy he does! Keep in mind this is the man that didn't really like cats, and was deathly allergic as a boy...
This picture is what I found when turned the light on to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, both sound asleep.

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  1. Wow, Your feet are AWESOME! I think you'll enjoy that picture later down the road when this is all over. :)

    Happy Birthday!