Monday, June 21, 2010


Dear Baby Bowman,

Your daddy and I made a very important decision yesterday on Fathers Day. It's about your name. You see, until recently we had your full name decided upon- Bowman Gable Jack. It's a wonderful name, Gable is your Daddy's mothers maiden name and that's why we picked it.

It was a firm decision until May 17th. This is the day your Godbrother, Isaiah Lee Stone, at 11 months old, left us and became God’s most precious angel. Isaiah's parents are some of our dearest friends. You will know them well. His daddy and your daddy are like brothers. Your dad is Isaiah's Godfather.

In Isaiah's 11 months, I got to visit him in Oklahoma twice and what a sweet and strong baby he was. He had such presence and spirit, even at 6 and 11 months, the ages he was when I was with him, he left such an impression on me. He was happy and robust, such a handsome little guy and not to mention how huge he was for his age! (one thing for sure, he's got one hefty set of angel wings because he was one stout and sturdy baby boy!) Zayah was adventurous and crawling all over the last time I spent with him, but I was also struck by how observant he was of his surroundings.

Baby Zayah had struggled with epilepsy since he was about 3 months old. It was an incessant struggle that had his parents and him in and out of hospitals and doctors offices in several different states. They desperately did everything within their human power to find solutions to stop the epilepsy. He saw the best doctors in the country to try and find solutions. The last time your daddy and I were with him, a week before his death, he was doing so well on 1 medication and hadn't had a seizure in weeks.

What Isaiah's life represents to me is fortitude, faith, persistence, gratitude, joy and love. These are six characteristics, attitudes, and most importantly they are choices.

Whether we realize it or not within each moment of life that goes by, we all make a choice how to live. Our attitude, approach and reaction are all a choice, and each choice is made either with conscious effort or lack there of, which is also a choice. Those momentary choices add up to collectively determine our path in life. Isaiah's life reminds me of the importance to live each moment with these 6 at the forefront. No matter the circumstance we may find ourselves in, no matter the amount of control we have, making the choice to move forward putting these 6 first in our approach and perspective means we have truly made the most, done our best, are grateful for what we have, letting go of what is beyond our control.

Isaiah's life also reminds me of the important effort to appreciate and not take for granted. We are not owed, promised, or guaranteed anything more than right now, this very present moment. Always remember this and be greatful. Let gratitude and joy radiate from within, remember to love yourself as just as you are and to love those around you. God has placed thousands of little blessings all around us, a thousand little pieces of heaven, in this life and world of His creation. All we have to do is remember and look for them, they are easy to take for granted, easy to overlook unless you actively choose to seek them out, but with out fail they are always, always there.

Your daddy and I began to discuss making a very special change to your name recently. It took only a few minutes of discussion and we just knew. After asking Isaiah's parents Renzi and Lee Anne for their blessing, we have chosen Isaiah as your middle name, in remembrance of baby Isaiah Lee Stone. We asked their permission on Father’s Day, which will from here on out be even more special day given our decision. May you carry all of what Isaiah represented forward with you in life.

Your daddy and I love you so much. We can't wait to hold you in our arms, snuggle you, cuddle you and give you the very best of the world, Bowman Isaiah Jack.

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