Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bobbie's Visit

We just had the BEST 3-day visit with my mom, aka Bobbie! She arrived on Friday evening at 7 and after AJ and I picked her up at the airport we had dinner at Caprichio a little cafe right around the corner from our house. The weather was perfect, we sat outside and caught the sunset.

On Saturday, Bobbie and I spent the day together. We relaxed in the morning, had coffee then got ready for SHOPPING! First we went to look at strollers at a local baby store (I still haven't set foot into baby-mart-r-us) and then we headed to our old faithful- Nordstrom. After lunch at the cafe we shopped till we dropped, or until I dropped I should say- and that didnt take very long. So I plopped down in the extra large dressing room (I asked for the disabled room because if you saw me you'd agree I am clearly special needs). I had fun picking out clothes and watching as Bobbie tried a million things on, which all looked amazing on her. She's my Bobbie-doll! Oh to be able to wear normal clothes again...I so look forward to it!! I tried a few things on but most of it just gave us a good laugh. I haven't bought actual maternity clothes, just larger and loooooonger than I normally would. So far it's worked out pretty well but now that I'm so massive its tough to find tops long enough to cover the tum-tum in its entirety. So Bobbie got some fabulous dresses and outfits, and she got me a dress and two tanks but I don't know if I'm keeping the dress- I just look like a house... more like a mansion!!

We couldn't leave without hitting the shoe department, she a few pairs of adorable shoes, I wished I could try some on but my elephant feet were making a comeback, too swollen to try on :(

We got home and I took a good nap before getting ready for dinner. AJ's early birthday dinner! We went to Formoli's Bistro, around the corner from our house (yes, we have some great spots all right around the corner from our house, a block or so :) We surprised him with an ipad! We wrapped it in a Nordstrom shirt box so he totally thought he was getting clothes, tee-hee-hee! The three of us had a great time at dinner, I had them bring AJ's whiskey burger out with a candle in it and we sang him happy birthday.

On Sunday morning we all went and had breakfast but then AJ had to spend all day working to prep for a 2 day meeting he ran yesterday and today. Bobbie and I got ready for a little baby shower my girlfriends put together for me. Kara-Lisa and Kyla planned the shower and had it at Laura's house, 3 houses down from ours. It was so sweet and WONDERFUL, I was so touched. We all had so much fun, it started at 12:30 and we didn't get home until 4:30. Kara-Lisa used to own and event planning business, so she really unleashed her skills and had the cutest ladies brunch, everything was quaint and pretty she thought of every detail. She had a chef working in Laura's kitchen, he made different quiches and green salad, and brunch was topped off with a delish fruit tart Laura made and Red Velvet cupcakes- my fave!! The biggest surprise was that Bobbie bought me a stroller, not just any stroller my DREAM stroller! It's bright yellow and beautiful!! Uppababy Vista 2010 special edition. Who knew I would ever be beside myself with excitement over a stroller but lemme tell ya this one is gorgeous. Baby Bowman has a sweet ride! She bought it without me knowing and AJ picked it up and took it to Laura's so when we walked in there it was!

I was exhausted and so we both napped for a while when we got home. and then took it easy the rest of the evening, just cozy on the sofa we watched tv and movies.
On Monday I took mom to my office and introduced her to everyone I work with, and then we had lunch and went home so she could pack for the airport. Her flight left at 4pm. I don't think we could have had a better 3 days :)
I love my mom and dad sososo much and it was so nice to get to spend that time with my mommy right before I become a mommy. She and Dad are booked to return on July 18th for Bowman's arrival...pressure's on buddy!

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  1. I'm sorry I missed the shower duder! I hope you and little baby-b are doing well!
    kortnee b.
    p.s. I kinda wanna poke your belly - just a little bit.