Friday, June 11, 2010

34 weeks

Well, this time last week I was in San Francisco with AJ celebrating my birthday! Things change fast! Right now I am on bed rest. I've had this feeling all week that I needed to stop at the drug store to check my blood pressure which I finally did yesterday at 11:00AM. my blood pressure is consistently in the range of 95-100/60-65 I think last week at the doctor it was 100/62. Well to my surprise yesterday it was 140/106!!!! Yikes! I called the Doctor right away and they had me come in at 1:30. I went home and lay down before my appointment. By the time they checked my blood pressure it was 120/72, so it had dropped but they also found protein in my urine. The were concerned about the possibility of pre-eclampsia which would be terrible. My OB wanted a 24-hour urine collection to test for protein. So they sent me home with a big 2 liter orange bottle, which I have to take back today to be tested.

Baby Bowman's heart beat was perfect, my tummy measured right on target, and Baby B has been moving and kicking as usual!

Please pray for no protein!!!

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