Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Handsome Husband!!

Today is my ever-so handsome prince charming husband's birthday!! He's my dream-boat :)

We started celebrating this morning with a 6:30am trip to our fave coffee shop where he enjoyed a french press and I a fab vanilla latte with ever so smooth and velvety foam, foam no Starbucks can come close to.

I worked half day, came home and took a long nap and then out to do some birthday errands (when AJ was little he used to think "errands" were "aarons", just a cute little tid-bit). I bought a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake and took it to the restaurant we were going to later to surprise him for desert. Then I headed to Nordstrom where I picked out some new clothes for hunney-bunney. After few more stops and I was done with my birthday shopping :)
I'm pretty limited in getting around so by the time I finished my "aarons" I was pooped but it was time for dinner at Chicago Fire a chicago-style deep dish pizza spot in midtown Sac.
Dinner was uh-mazing, super yummy and best of all AJ was really happy, loved his presents and was totally surprised by the cake.
I had so much fun celebrating my big man's 34th birthday and making him feel special. He is the best and I am so grateful for him.
I Love you baby!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bobbie's Visit

We just had the BEST 3-day visit with my mom, aka Bobbie! She arrived on Friday evening at 7 and after AJ and I picked her up at the airport we had dinner at Caprichio a little cafe right around the corner from our house. The weather was perfect, we sat outside and caught the sunset.

On Saturday, Bobbie and I spent the day together. We relaxed in the morning, had coffee then got ready for SHOPPING! First we went to look at strollers at a local baby store (I still haven't set foot into baby-mart-r-us) and then we headed to our old faithful- Nordstrom. After lunch at the cafe we shopped till we dropped, or until I dropped I should say- and that didnt take very long. So I plopped down in the extra large dressing room (I asked for the disabled room because if you saw me you'd agree I am clearly special needs). I had fun picking out clothes and watching as Bobbie tried a million things on, which all looked amazing on her. She's my Bobbie-doll! Oh to be able to wear normal clothes again...I so look forward to it!! I tried a few things on but most of it just gave us a good laugh. I haven't bought actual maternity clothes, just larger and loooooonger than I normally would. So far it's worked out pretty well but now that I'm so massive its tough to find tops long enough to cover the tum-tum in its entirety. So Bobbie got some fabulous dresses and outfits, and she got me a dress and two tanks but I don't know if I'm keeping the dress- I just look like a house... more like a mansion!!

We couldn't leave without hitting the shoe department, she a few pairs of adorable shoes, I wished I could try some on but my elephant feet were making a comeback, too swollen to try on :(

We got home and I took a good nap before getting ready for dinner. AJ's early birthday dinner! We went to Formoli's Bistro, around the corner from our house (yes, we have some great spots all right around the corner from our house, a block or so :) We surprised him with an ipad! We wrapped it in a Nordstrom shirt box so he totally thought he was getting clothes, tee-hee-hee! The three of us had a great time at dinner, I had them bring AJ's whiskey burger out with a candle in it and we sang him happy birthday.

On Sunday morning we all went and had breakfast but then AJ had to spend all day working to prep for a 2 day meeting he ran yesterday and today. Bobbie and I got ready for a little baby shower my girlfriends put together for me. Kara-Lisa and Kyla planned the shower and had it at Laura's house, 3 houses down from ours. It was so sweet and WONDERFUL, I was so touched. We all had so much fun, it started at 12:30 and we didn't get home until 4:30. Kara-Lisa used to own and event planning business, so she really unleashed her skills and had the cutest ladies brunch, everything was quaint and pretty she thought of every detail. She had a chef working in Laura's kitchen, he made different quiches and green salad, and brunch was topped off with a delish fruit tart Laura made and Red Velvet cupcakes- my fave!! The biggest surprise was that Bobbie bought me a stroller, not just any stroller my DREAM stroller! It's bright yellow and beautiful!! Uppababy Vista 2010 special edition. Who knew I would ever be beside myself with excitement over a stroller but lemme tell ya this one is gorgeous. Baby Bowman has a sweet ride! She bought it without me knowing and AJ picked it up and took it to Laura's so when we walked in there it was!

I was exhausted and so we both napped for a while when we got home. and then took it easy the rest of the evening, just cozy on the sofa we watched tv and movies.
On Monday I took mom to my office and introduced her to everyone I work with, and then we had lunch and went home so she could pack for the airport. Her flight left at 4pm. I don't think we could have had a better 3 days :)
I love my mom and dad sososo much and it was so nice to get to spend that time with my mommy right before I become a mommy. She and Dad are booked to return on July 18th for Bowman's arrival...pressure's on buddy!

Monday, June 28, 2010

T minus 36!

Im WAY behind, this should have been posted last Thursday. The 36th week is flying by!
At our Dr. appointment on Wednesday, our OB verified he is right where it should be down in my pelvis. They did a 30 minute monitoring and he did GREAT! Bowman din NOT appreciate the monitors on my tummy, he kept kicking down the monitor belt on the top of my tummy. It was hilarious! His heartbeat and movements were perfect!

On Friday the 18th my office surprised me with a baby shower! I was so touched by how much everyone did. All of the employees brought food, decorated and brought gifts. Their excitement and generosity really made me feel special. So unexpected and so sweet of everyone :)

Bowmans nursery is complete! It's so hard to capture with my camera, I need a wider angle lens. I'm going to see if I can borrow one from my office to take pictures to post.

I also wanted to mention that this past Wednesday was my parents 31st wedding anniversary! I am beyond blessed and so proud to have two of the most wonderful people as my mother and father. Their unconditional love and respect for each other over the past 31 years has been the best gift they ever could have given me. Their love for eachother gave me a strong foundation in life and made me who I am today. I have learned so much from them as individuals, as husband & wife, and as parents. They have accomplished so much over the past 31 years, I can't wait to see what the next 31 years has in store. And now they're gonna be grandparents- Bobbie & Poppie!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Dear Baby Bowman,

Your daddy and I made a very important decision yesterday on Fathers Day. It's about your name. You see, until recently we had your full name decided upon- Bowman Gable Jack. It's a wonderful name, Gable is your Daddy's mothers maiden name and that's why we picked it.

It was a firm decision until May 17th. This is the day your Godbrother, Isaiah Lee Stone, at 11 months old, left us and became God’s most precious angel. Isaiah's parents are some of our dearest friends. You will know them well. His daddy and your daddy are like brothers. Your dad is Isaiah's Godfather.

In Isaiah's 11 months, I got to visit him in Oklahoma twice and what a sweet and strong baby he was. He had such presence and spirit, even at 6 and 11 months, the ages he was when I was with him, he left such an impression on me. He was happy and robust, such a handsome little guy and not to mention how huge he was for his age! (one thing for sure, he's got one hefty set of angel wings because he was one stout and sturdy baby boy!) Zayah was adventurous and crawling all over the last time I spent with him, but I was also struck by how observant he was of his surroundings.

Baby Zayah had struggled with epilepsy since he was about 3 months old. It was an incessant struggle that had his parents and him in and out of hospitals and doctors offices in several different states. They desperately did everything within their human power to find solutions to stop the epilepsy. He saw the best doctors in the country to try and find solutions. The last time your daddy and I were with him, a week before his death, he was doing so well on 1 medication and hadn't had a seizure in weeks.

What Isaiah's life represents to me is fortitude, faith, persistence, gratitude, joy and love. These are six characteristics, attitudes, and most importantly they are choices.

Whether we realize it or not within each moment of life that goes by, we all make a choice how to live. Our attitude, approach and reaction are all a choice, and each choice is made either with conscious effort or lack there of, which is also a choice. Those momentary choices add up to collectively determine our path in life. Isaiah's life reminds me of the importance to live each moment with these 6 at the forefront. No matter the circumstance we may find ourselves in, no matter the amount of control we have, making the choice to move forward putting these 6 first in our approach and perspective means we have truly made the most, done our best, are grateful for what we have, letting go of what is beyond our control.

Isaiah's life also reminds me of the important effort to appreciate and not take for granted. We are not owed, promised, or guaranteed anything more than right now, this very present moment. Always remember this and be greatful. Let gratitude and joy radiate from within, remember to love yourself as just as you are and to love those around you. God has placed thousands of little blessings all around us, a thousand little pieces of heaven, in this life and world of His creation. All we have to do is remember and look for them, they are easy to take for granted, easy to overlook unless you actively choose to seek them out, but with out fail they are always, always there.

Your daddy and I began to discuss making a very special change to your name recently. It took only a few minutes of discussion and we just knew. After asking Isaiah's parents Renzi and Lee Anne for their blessing, we have chosen Isaiah as your middle name, in remembrance of baby Isaiah Lee Stone. We asked their permission on Father’s Day, which will from here on out be even more special day given our decision. May you carry all of what Isaiah represented forward with you in life.

Your daddy and I love you so much. We can't wait to hold you in our arms, snuggle you, cuddle you and give you the very best of the world, Bowman Isaiah Jack.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

35 weeks together Alli, AJ and Baby Bowman

Since last Thursday when we first discovered my spiked blood pressure and they were afraid I had preeclampsia, things have improved! I turned in my 24 hour urine collection and the results came back with protein but not enough to officially be preeclampsia. The protein level for preeclampsia is 300+ and mine was 150. Last Friday my blood pressure was still high at 138/86- remember my usual is 95/60. After full bedrest on Friday of last week, I rested most of the weekend with just a few outings. The Dr. said that depending on my urine findings, I would either be not going back to work or working just half days and since the findings were low, I've been working half days all week. I go in about 7:30 head home at 11:30 and get in bed and sleep pretty much the rest of the day and have no trouble sleeping through the night. We had our next Dr. appointment on Tuesday and my blood pressure had significantly dropped down to 112/72!! I still have protein in my urine but not an alarming rate. This all means the extra rest is making a big difference. The swelling I've had is waaaaaay down!! Those chubbywubby Elephant feet are passé- SOOOOOO two weeks ago!(see week 33 blog post for photo). I'm so relieved because preeclampsia would be TERRIBLE to have, its bad news for mom and baby. Whew!
I still feel like my pelvis is splitting in half, sometimes the pain feels unbearable. But frankly after last week, since this doesn't pose a threat to our son it's taken a back burner. I guess I'm getting used to the pain. My optimism tells me my extra loose pelvic joints will be a big help on delivery day :)

You may have noticed I'm no longer posting bare-belly photos. It's just gotten too big to share, like TMI! I do find some consolation that despite how much weight I've gained and despite how ginormous my tummy is, I still don't have stretch marks! It's just big and shiny :) Most of what I've read says that genetics is the main factor in whether you get them or not so thanks Momma & Daddy!!
When I'm out and about I feel an uncanny resemblance to Humpty Dumpty, like a giant egg wobbling around on stick legs. Poor guy everybody made fun of him- I feel his pain, being abnormally rotund is not an easy way to live. Now if only I actually had stick legs...

My biggest nemesis is staying hydrated! Drinking enough water is a major challenge for me with potential to hurt me the most if I dont get enough, or help me the most if I rise to the challenge. My birth class instructor who's a longtime Doula and birthing specialist, emphasized the extra-importance of being well hydrated now that we're getting kinda close. She said if you go into labor and you're behind on your hydration, its nearly impossible to catch up and it can really mess up the effectiveness of uterine surges. Eeeeeeek! AND you'll most likely have to have an IV at the hospital for fluids which makes movement more limited. Double-Eeeeeeeek!!! Much trouble and complication can be avoided if the mother is well hydrated. So, my new tactic is to drink 1 liter of water each morning, immediately right when I wake up in the morning. So far I'm 2 for 2. Do you know how much 1 liter is? it's a lot. It's so much that I have to lay back down for 10 minutes to let it settle in. As if my belly isn't "full" enough as it is! This way I start the day off right, after all 1 liter is half way to the 2 liters, aka "eight glasses of water a day" rule that all of us humans should imbibe on a daily basis. For us rounder-baby-on-board pregnant folks 2 liters is a minimum!

Also Coconut Water is amazing- pregnant or not. I've been drinking it fairly regularly since we lived in Laguna Beach. NOT to be confused with coconut milk, there is a BIG big difference (basically the difference between water and milk!). Coconut water is a naturally occurring isotonic liquid that comes from green unripe coconuts. Its a clearish liquid found in the center of the coconut- I buy mine in a can of course :) It is SOOOOO good for you, there are claims it helps with all sorts of ailments and health problems. A 12 oz serving of coconut water is loaded with the five key electrolytes: potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, sodium and calcium. One serving has more potassium than a banana which is about 15 times more than Gatorade! It's great to help keep your body's electrolytes and hydration levels balanced and replenished. I think of it as helping the water I drink to be more effective. Here's a little schpeel on coconut water for pregnant women... but frankly I think everyone should drink it. You can find it at any natural foods store. In addition to the extra rest, I have a real feeling my increased coconut water intake since the blood pressure spike last week has played a positive role as well.

My new favorite thing to eat are these small watermelons from the grocerystore. The sign calls them "mini personal watermelon" i just cut'em in half and eat it with a spoon. yummmmmm! I recommend you try as soon as possible, and "personal size" means you only have to share if you want to, so have your watermelon and eat it too!!

We've had our 3rd and 4th HypnoBirthing classes (or "HippieBirthing" as AJ teases me) since I've last written about them. Next week is our 5th and final class. The scare of last week facing the possibility of preeclampsia which brings with it a high likelihood of C-section delivery (since I absolutely under any circumstances will not expose baby to Pitocin or any inducer/augmenter) only made me more thankful for the classes we've been taking. While I've spent so much time and energy learning and preparing to deliver Bowman naturally, I've maintained the understanding that things don't always go as planned, and if my labor and delivery go off my planned course AJ and I will be able to use what we've learned to avoid panic, trauma and fear. No matter what happens we will know that we did everything possible, everything within our power to have our son naturally and however he is born is how it's meant to be :)
For our 4th class we had to write out our Birth Plan/Birthing Preference list. We will bring this to the hospital and give it to them upon admittance, and make sure all of our attendees have a copy which we will review with them. These are all choices we have researched and both agree on and since it's something that is very important to both of us I figured I'd go ahead and share...
All of our preferences are based around our desire for Bowman to have the easiest, least stressful transition from being nice and cozy in my womb to his new life in the world- which means right off the bat bright lights, excited voices, rubbing, poking, and excess handling are out.

During my labor, I don't want to know how dilated I am, I don't wanna be discouraged if it's not happening very fast, my body will do what it's designed to do and I don't need to know hear how close or far away I am. This also means I don't want the nurses to check me unless its absolutely necessary; there are plenty of non-internal signs they know to look for to tell them how I'm progressing. I don't wanted to be told or prompted to push, again, my body will tell me when it's time to do this. I do not want to be offered pain relief, I know it's available if I so decide. Under any circumstance whatsoever I will not have induction or augmenting drugs administered to "speed things up". Pitocin and the like are very hard on the baby, causing stronger and longer contractions than would happen naturally. Stronger and longer contractions mean increased oxygen deprivation for the baby and increased pain for the mother often leading to an epidural, which can actually slow down labor progression and lead to a C-section. So if there's a problem, Pitocin wont be the solution, I'm either having this guy Au Naturel or C-section if there's an emergency need for it :)

Once he is born, we don't any excited voices unless it's us, we don't want them to poke that suction device down his throat or up his nose. As soon as he's delivered we want immediate skin-to-skin contact which means he'll be placed directly on my abdomen or chest, if he's delivered via C he'll go right to Daddy's chest. We do not want the umbilical cord to be cut until the placenta is delivered. The umbilical cord continues to pulsate for up to 15 minutes after the baby is born. Delaying clamping and cutting of the cord allows for baby get the all of the oxygen and nutrient-rich blood my body has made for him, this also makes it easier for baby to transition to breathing on his own, with his oxygen supply still being supplied through the cord. We want to delay his first bath for at least 2 hours, rather than being immediately washed off, the vernix caseosia has anti-infection, anti-microbial and moisturizing properties and is beneficial to leave it until the baby has breastfed for the first time, for the most part it can be rubbed into his skin like lotion. I also don't want them to put the Erythromycin ointment in his eyes. This protects the baby's eyes from STD's and since AJ and I don't have any, the ointment does not serve a purpose, but it will prevent him from being able to make initial eye contact with his parents. Once we've had our initial bonding after an hour or two, the staff can then weigh and measure him.
So, those are our personal choices and views. I'm grateful that we are aware and able to make them :)

We are so excited for our baby Son-shine to come!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

34 weeks

Well, this time last week I was in San Francisco with AJ celebrating my birthday! Things change fast! Right now I am on bed rest. I've had this feeling all week that I needed to stop at the drug store to check my blood pressure which I finally did yesterday at 11:00AM. my blood pressure is consistently in the range of 95-100/60-65 I think last week at the doctor it was 100/62. Well to my surprise yesterday it was 140/106!!!! Yikes! I called the Doctor right away and they had me come in at 1:30. I went home and lay down before my appointment. By the time they checked my blood pressure it was 120/72, so it had dropped but they also found protein in my urine. The were concerned about the possibility of pre-eclampsia which would be terrible. My OB wanted a 24-hour urine collection to test for protein. So they sent me home with a big 2 liter orange bottle, which I have to take back today to be tested.

Baby Bowman's heart beat was perfect, my tummy measured right on target, and Baby B has been moving and kicking as usual!

Please pray for no protein!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy 29th... the first of many!!

A Happy 29th Birthday Weekend it was indeed!!

It started on Friday morning, AJ got up early for his Friday morning workout with his trainer while I got up and did my meditation, drank yummy coffee and finished packing. By 8:30 we kissed the doggy-heads goodbye and were out the door and hit the road for the 1.5 hour drive to San Francisco. (Thanks to my friend Kyla and her lil'dog Molly for taking great care of our boys while we were away:)

We made it to the Ritz in good time with only one potty emergency for yours truly :) As the bellman was unloading our goods, AJ calmly came around to my side of the car and said "Alli, I forgot our clothes." We made it in great time but all of our clothing for the weekend was neatly hanging in the garment our bedroom!! I called Kyla and AJ called our friend and AJ's colleague Patricia, who was coming to San Francisco but hadn't left yet and she was able to pick them up before leaving town! Whew!

Our room wasn't ready yet so we made our way up to the Club Lounge where AJ enjoyed a cheerful-bubbly glass of champagne as I drooled in envy. Just kidding about the drool part, not the envy part.

At 12 we headed out for our lunch reservation at a Peruvian restaurant that was highly recommended to AJ called La Mar. It's located on the water just next to the Ferry Building. It was AMAZING!! I'd never had Peruvian cuisine before and oh my goodness it wont be the last. La Mar is now tied in first place with our other fave San Fran restaurant, Slanted Door. It was a truly perfect lunchtime. table for 2 out on the patio overlooking the water, and the usually windy weather was so nice and calm. Perfect. We so enjoyed the meal and each others company!

We got back to the hotel at about 2:30 got checked into our room which was a fabulous corner room with lots of windows and amazing views. And then it was nap time for you know who (little did I know this would be a recurring theme throughout the weekend). I lay in the quiet room in the oh-so comfortable bed and listened to my deep relaxation meditations and drifted off to sleep for a good 2-3 hours! I am supposed to be listening to the mediation's for at least 40 minutes each day- as part of my birthing preparation and they are soooooo relaxing they often make me fall asleep, hard.

I discovered how much more fun it is to give gifts for my birthday rather than receive. AJ's birthday is at the end of the month and I had already bought one of his presents. I'm terrible with surprises and I just couldn't stand it so I brought it and gave it to him as soon as we checked into our room. Its a VADO mini cam- about the size of an iphone, it holds hours of video- its a competitor of the Flip video, I did all the research and the Vado turned out to get better reviews than the flip. Its so tiny handy-dandy little gadget! It will be great for catching all the baby Bowman action! I have a feeling there will be many videos posted soon!

That evening we went to dinner at a little hole in the wall Italian restaurant, Franchino, in North Beach. The owners, Mamma and Pappa greeted us and prepared an amazing meal, we both ate way too much! But we still found it within our hearts and our stomachs to stop off at the club lounge for a decaf latte and some delicious little deserts before bed :)

On Saturday my actual birthday I started the day out at the spa. I got a pedicure which was heavenly since I can no longer reach my own feet without risk of injury, ha! So now my tootsies are painted all pretty and that makes me happy :) Luckily it wasn't too embarrassing because the swelling had gone down a teensy bit, it was still bad, but not quite the elephant status they were on Thursday and Friday.

After the spa it was nap time again. After a nice hours nap, while I was getting ready for us to head out for a little shopping, there was a knock at the door. I answered to find a bellman holding the most beautiful bouquet of pink and white peony's, roses and stargazer lillies! Stunning! Maybe the biggest and most beautiful arrangement I've ever received. They were from my Bobbie and Poppie (my parents). So sweet! The fragrance filled the room immediately! It's hard to capture how wonderful they were in a photo but I tried...
We of course brought them home and they fill the downstairs with fragrance.

We went shopping, I started with a good size list of places I wanted to go- AJ said we could go wherever I wanted to. Ranging from Neimans, to vintage furniture stores to fabric & upholstery stores I had a laundry list of stops to make. I wondered why AJ wasn't giving any indication of protest. Smart man. I was completely and utterly exhausted after 2 stores. We made it to Neimans and Britex Fabrics, which are right across the street from each other at Union Square- which was 4 blocks from the Ritz, which was too far for me to walk so basically I was completely and utterly exhausted after being dropped off by the Ritz driver at Union Square. I dont even think I made it 2 hours. Such a shame, if I hadn't been tired I would have been disappointed in myself. This Baby B just takes every drop I've got, I couldn't even manage a decent shopping trip on my BIRTHDAY for goodness sake!!

After more nap time, we had dinner at our favorite restaurant Slanted Door. Its the best food and we both LOVE it!!

We got off to a leisurely start on Sunday. AJ took me to one of the vintage stores I'd wanted to visit on Saturday, and then he drove us up to the Twin Peaks lookout where we got a few glimpses of the magnificent city in its entirety before a fog blew in. It was such a lovely weekend and I wish there were words to adequately express how much I love AJ.

Home is wherever I am with you.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Deja Vu? 33 Weeks...again!

That's right!! We had our prenatal appointment yesterday morning and they settled the confusion. My due date has been officially moved from July 15th to the 22nd. It turns out the early ultrasound measurements are the only reliable measurements in determining due date. measurements of our 2 earliest ultrasounds (12/7/09 and 12/21/09) indicate July 22nd. So it's a do-over of week #33 :) Other than that, everything is going great for Baby Bowman, and his momma is hangin' in there.

I currently have what could only be accurately described as elephant marshmallow feet! Seriously, this is no exaggeration, I could seriously join the circus and charge admission to see the amazing elephant foot lady!! They don't look like they belong on my body!!! I can't believe I'm actually posting a picture (which doesn't even do them justice), but you'd never believe me! The Dr. said that at this point, there is so much pressure on my kidneys, the only time they are really able to function is when laying on my side... and that's why I make about 3-4 trips to the bathroom at night! She said that by the amount of swelling, I have at least 10lbs of extra water weight I'm lugging around. 10 LBS!!! Gosh I'm glad I don't look at the scale anymore, it's a relief because this is all so far out of my control!

I had another appointment on Tuesday with my chiropractor and he did a new adjustment we hadn't done before that worked like a miracle! On Wednesday my pelvis was nearly pain free!! It was wonderful to be able to walk without feeling like knives stabbing in my pelvic joints...until Wednesday evening I was standing talking to AJ and BAM! this kid did some maneuver that knocked me back out of alignment. Immediately the pain returned and today it's worse than it has been. I'm not kidding, my pelvic joints are so pliable I feel like Gumby. I'm really trying hard to stay positive and not complain too much :)

This evening at Sutter Davis our hospital, we'll be attending their "Meet the Midwives" event. We will have the opportunity to meet every all of the midwives and OB's in the practice, any of whom could be on call when Bowman decides to arrive. I'm really looking forward to it as a great opportunity to have conversations with them and get to know their faces :)

We had our second HypnoBirthing class on Tuesday and it was great! 3 hours goes by so fast, probably because the material and information is so fascinating and also because its in the comfort of our instructors home with just us and 2 other couples. This week we learned deepening relaxation techniques, we watched some videos from couples that followed the hypnobirthing philosophy/method and recorded their births- it was so amazing to see how relaxed the laboring mothers are at full dilation! I'm keeping the faith! If they can do it so can I! We also watched a video about standard "protocol" at hospitals and that sometimes just because it's protocol does not mean it's in the best interest of mother and baby. All I can say to expecting parents out there is learn. Learn about anything and everything that will take place during your labor and birth at the hospital. You have choices, but often you wont know it unless you do the research yourself. If you aren't aware of your options, and make your own choices they will be made for you and may not be what you would have wanted, resulting in some very scary outcomes.

This Saturday is my big day- the BIG 2-9!! 29 years old! I am so grateful for so many things I have to pinch myself. Thank you to the most wonderful amazing parents in the whole world for being such excellent role models and always showering me with your endless love and support. Thank you to my dream-boat husband, for being everything to me that I could ever want, in every way and more.

We were supposed to be in Dallas this weekend for AJ's cousin Blakes wedding. I so wish we could be there to celebrate with Blake & Lauren and all of our family! It's a good thing we listened to our doctors advice not to try to fly at this stage because as it turns out there's just no way I could in this condition. But we hate to have to miss it :( We'll certainly be thinking of them on Saturday.

Since it's my birthday we're heading to San Francisco tomorrow morning to stay for the weekend. It's only 1.5 hours away so if anything were to happen we could be at our hospital pretty fast, (convenient that Davis is on the way to SF). It will be a nice little getaway for us, probably our last getaway before baby-time! We're staying at the Ritz and we just plan to spend time in the spa, cruise around the city (as much as I can manage, my cruise speed is pretty slow), and enjoy each other. Maybe just a teensy-weensy bit of baby shopping :) wink wink. I'm supposed to be getting a pedicure at the spa on Saturday morning but I'm almost too embarrassed to show my poor feets.

We had a great Memorial day weekend, we spent most of the day Saturday at our storage unit sorting through things. The best find was AJ's baby book! His mother wrote so many details during her pregnancy and about him as a baby. We found out that her starting weight was 112lbs and her finishing weight was 165lbs! Poor thing gained half of her bodyweight!! The biggest surprise was that AJ was born 5 days early and was 24-inches at birth! That is sooooo long, and almost more surprising is that the kid at 9.5 months old weighed 28LBS!! He was a Monster Baby!!!

Check out our bounty from our Sunday morning trip to the farmers market! Yummm!

And an hilarious photo of our 1 year old kitten, Nigel, who adores AJ! Any chance Nigel has to get his paws on his Daddy he does! Keep in mind this is the man that didn't really like cats, and was deathly allergic as a boy...
This picture is what I found when turned the light on to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, both sound asleep.