Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Sunshine and Spider-filled Weekend!

Whew! Where do I begin. Since last week we've had much going on round here...

AJ got home late last Friday night, so good to have him back. He had been out of town Monday-Friday for 2 full weeks in a row. I was and am so happy to have my big man back.

We pretty much spent the weekend making room for baby! Our primary objectives were: #1 to clear out the closet in baby's room (which has pretty much served as our wine closet), clear out the closet in AJ's office and move everything from baby's closet into AJ's office closet. Objective #2 was to take all of the displaced furniture from the former guest room- queen mattress, box spring and frame, dresser, chairs, and other misc items to our storage garage we rented a few months ago right around the corner from our house. Objective #1 was successfully accomplished on Saturday, it was a lot of work but we did it. We filled 4 huge storage bins (I think I could fit in one of these things if I curled up!) and threw a lot away. AJ moved the wine racking from one closet to the other along with ALL of the wine, and boy I can't wait till I can drink some of that wine we relocated :) As for objective #2, (our front living room full of displaced stuff waiting to go to storage pictured below) well that turned out to be quite an adventure:

It's a beautiful sunny Sunday morning, we've just returned home from a lovely breakfast at one of our fave spots down the street. We have borrowed our friends truck for AJ to load the furniture and items to take to our storage garage. He loaded the queen bed and frame and made the first trip. He was back after 10 minutes, incredibly flustered and visibly sweating- he had the wrong key and couldn't get into the unit. I gave him the correct key and he left again.

Not 10 minutes later he's back- frustrated has escalated to pissed off and exclaiming he couldn't get the *&$#@! door to open (it's a manual lift garage door). He checked his bank account to make sure our rent check had been deposited- which it had. So this time I hopped in the truck and went with him to see what was going on. Sure enough it wouldn't open. As I started to dial the owner, he managed to pry it open from the bottom- it was caked shut with hardened mud from the last big rain. It gets better...

So now my extremely frustrated/irritated/angry/sweating husband is standing in the storage garage when I notice the place is covered in spider webs- a few seconds later I realized they weren't just any spider webs, but black widows!! The words "be careful for black widows" had barely left my mouth and I saw them. Everywhere. They were dangling down from the open garage door and from the ceiling. Big ones and small ones. Everywhere. 60 seconds later, after I visually scanned the garage in horror- my eyes landed back on AJ to see that he had them crawling on him.

I don't know how I remained calm when I saw one crawling across the side of my husbands face from his ear toward his mouth, but without screaming I said "AJ, you have a black widow on your face." he slapped it off and squished it on the floor as I ran screaming into the cab of the truck and slammed the door. This would be a good time to mention that I am a complete arachnophobic. I am absolutely terrified of spiders- be it daddy longlegs or black widows. They're all the same to me.
We went back to the house and got spider spray and brooms, and headed back to the unit. He spent about 30 minutes spraying and brooming spider webs while I watched from a good 10 feet back, helping and providing commentary "missed one there! oooh another one over there!" Finally we reached the conclusion that it was not safe whatsoever to store ANY of our belongings in this godawful black widow infested storage room. I'm not exactly sure why we did but hey, at least we tried. We jumped in the truck and drove straight to Salvation Army and dropped off the queen mattress set. From there we went to our other storage unit.

Yes, we have 2 storage units. There's an explanation for this. Since we rented the second unit around the corner from our house in February, the plan has been to move the things from our original unit to the new unit. Thank goodness we hadn't done that yet!!

Our original storage unit is filled to the ceiling with boxes and furniture. The boxes primarily contain AJ's mother Becky's belongings. Since Becky passed 7 years ago and AJ has had all of her household items stored in these boxes. These boxes have moved with us twice in Tucson, from Tucson to Laguna Beach, and from LB to Sacramento. Clearly this is a very sensitive and close-to-the-heart matter for both of us especially AJ. It's all sentimental, but the boxes don't contain the truly sentimental things, those treasures were previously sorted out and are all with us and with family. We're talking the items a person accumulates over time, basic household dishes, books, trinkets, bed sheets etc. I have made it very clear that the decision will be his whenever he's ready to go through the boxes and let things go.

So on Sunday at noon, the two of us stood looking at the floor-to-ceiling box filled unit and AJ decided it was time to make some room. We started opening boxes 1 by 1, carefully unwrapping each item. We did find some treasures- a cloth activity book Becky made for AJ when he was little titled "The Quiet Book", 2 precious mother and child relief prints that I will hang in Bowman's nursery, some well read childrens books including "Raggedy Ann" and "Madeline", a Peter Rabit china set, and lots of photos and sports-related clippings of AJ she had saved. Each box we opened smelled like her house, and brought lots of memories. What started as a frustrating spider-filled hellish experience, turned into an unexpected peaceful and therapeutic time for the both of us working together side by side . We spent 4 hours and made it through 75% of the boxes in the unit. At the end of the day AJ took 2 loads of goods to the women's and children's shelter/thrift store.

We re-connected with memories of Becky, AJ let go of what we'd been holding on to which will now be put to use and appreciated all over again by people in need. We made lots of new room in the unit for the things at our house that need to be stored. We still have much more to sort through before we bring over the things from the house- and that's the agenda for this Saturday!
Bowman and I did great, we worked hard, and not until it was stopping time did I start to hurt. WoooHoooo hellooooo lower back! Which brings me to the next new development in life- the Chiropractor.

Last week I mentioned the major pain I've been experiencing in my pelvic joints, at times it literally feels like I'm being pried and prodded with a crowbar! I saw my Chiropractor on Friday afternoon and it was great! Wooooonderful!! I snap-crackle-popped from head to toe. He is working to realign my spine and pelvic joints which in addition to helping with the pain, will also help my labor and delivery to go smoother. I went again yesterday, and have another appointment on this Thursday. I'll be seeing him at least once a week for the duration of my pregnancy. Thank you Dr. Lawson!

So thats our story of sunshine and spiders, and an overall great weekend together.

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  1. Alli and AJ:

    Oh my goodness, totally freaked out that you had to deal with the spiders and black widows at the worst! So very happy for you that you had such a peaceful and beautiful ending to your day!