Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Big...3-0

Well if there was ever a "home stretch" this is it! 30 weeks, meaning only 10 weeks to go sounds to me like the end is rapidly approaching. Baby B still has lots of growing to do, mostly in poundage to gain. What to Expect When You're expecting says he's over 3 pounds and 16 inches long, the estimate is he'll gain about 1/2 pound a week from here on out. It feels to me like he's moving almost constantly, no more pokes, now the movement feels more like swirls and gliding- which means he's getting cramped in there :)

We had our 30 week doctor appointment on Monday. All went well! I will be weighing backwards from now on because the weight gain at this point gives me MAJOR anxiety! I'm just committed to continuing to eat as healthy as possible, and get my workouts and yoga in and the rest will happen as it needs to. I'm just so used to feeling good and being in control of everything related to my body that the numbers on the scale are too hard for me to deal with. My blood pressure (unlike my weight) continues to remain very low- this time it was 102/62 so as long as those numbers stay low I'm happy. We got the results of the Glucose screening test I did last week and it turns out my blood sugar is actually low! So it looks like Gestational Diabetes is not a concern for me but I have to be careful not to let it get too more candy!! Haha I wish those were the doctors orders, I do love my candy :) I have to make sure to eat frequent small meals and get lots of protein in to keep the levels more even. I start each day with a protein shake- 50 grams of protein for Baby Bowman so hopefully I'll be in good shape. When the Midwife checked his heartbeat she remarked "he certainly is a squirmer!" which I thought was interesting because I have nothing to compare to, so she confirmed my feelings that this lil'guy moves all the time! My fundal height measured 31-1/2 weeks and I was only 29-1/2 weeks so he's a little ahead of the curve, which may be a continuing trend...we'll see!

On this past Saturday AJ and I did our maternity portraits! I felt like it went really well, the photographer spent 3 hours taking pictures but the time flew by it didn't seem that long at all. I had huge reservations in the past weeks leading up to the appointment, I came close to calling and canceling several times but I stuck with it because of how important to me it was before feeling huge. I'm so glad I went through with it, and I'm so excited to see how they turned out! We go back to the studio on May 17th to sit down with her and go through all of them. After that, she'll put the ones we like on a website that we'll have access to for only 7 days so we can make our final decisions. I'll be sure to share that with anyone that wants to see them :) Our photographer Karen used to be a labor and delivery nurse but found her passion in capturing the beauty of pregnant women and precious newborns.
This evening, we fly out to Oklahoma for a last visit with AJ's family and our good friends out that way. That was the idea when I went to Alaska a 6 weeks ago, (but AJ ended up not being able to come because of a business trip). I even get to see one of my best friends Jen- she used to live 3 houses down the street from us but moved back to her hometown of Springfield MO in January. I haven't seen her in 5 months and I'm so excited!

My parents have booked their flights and hotel for Bowman's birth! That makes is all the more real and exciting! So hard to know when to book, but we decided on July 11-21st and hopefully he'll cooperate. The "official" due date is July 15th so we'll see....
It's time to get the show on the road with Bowman's nursery!! We haven't moved the queen bed out of the the guest room/nursery-to-be. I suppose that's the plan for next weekend! We have just a few more items to purchase, I can't wait until I can go and just sit peacefully in my baby's room


  1. So excited for you guys! I totally want to see the maternity pictures. Grant doesn't want to do them... so we will do the newborn photos instead. Safe travels! xo

  2. Allison! You look beautiful! I know it is easier said that done, but try not to worry about the weight. I gained over 60 with both boys...EEEK! It didn't happen over night, but I did eventually lose it. :) (I'm still working on losing the 2nd 60:) )