Friday, May 14, 2010

The Best 2 Days Ever!

This recap has been a bit delayed because I got really sick right away when we got home from our trip- turned out to be an upper respiratory infection had me in bed for 3 days straight. 3 days and 1 Zpak later I'm back in business!

Wow! What a trip we had! We arrived Thursday night our flight on Southwest was a breeze. We got to our friends' Tim and Natalie's house at about 11 and headed to bed. We got up at 6:45 the next morning (4:45 Sacramento time) and got to play with their adorable 6 month old baby. CJ has such a bubbly personality, inquisitive about new people but not the least bit shy- full of laughs and big smiles, so sweet and cuddly. The last time we saw him was the day after Thanksgiving, he was so new and tiny, and it's amazing how they so quickly grow and develop into a distinct little person. He looks so much like both of his parents, one minute I think he looks just like Tim and and the next I see Natty. Thank you to Tim and Natalie for letting us stay with you in your beautiful home :)

After a great breakfast with Tim we headed over to our other best friends' Renzi and Lee Anne's house and got to have a quick visit with Lee and their 2 boys Jackson (2-1/2) and Isaiah (10 months and AJ's Godson), for about an hour. Then we drove to Edmond to AJ's aunt Ann and Uncle Jack's house and went to lunch with Ann and her son AJ's cousin Blake. We had a great time with them getting caught up and especially hearing details about Blakes upcoming wedding in June:) We then went back to Renzi and Lee Anne's house and watched the 2 boys while She went to work for a meeting she had to run. We had so much fun with the boys- Jackson is so smart and Isaiah is very observant- constantly watching his big brother, and boy can that kid get around! He just crawls and grab-walks all over the place! AJ and Jackson played basketball for literally 90minutes straight. Jackson knows the ins and outs of the game including defense, free throws and fouls. He demands the "Thunder!" and "Defense!" chants be sung, it's so cute but truly, his aptitude is amazing! They are both so precious. (see pics of AJ and J playing basketball, that blurr is J going for a slam dunk, in the next pic he's lined up while AJ shoots a free throw, and in the last one he's playing defense on AJ!)

After a fun 3 hours, we got a call from my friend Jen that she had made it to OKC from Springfield Missouri. We went and got ready for dinner and at 6 AJ took me to her hotel and Jen and I got to catch up over a drink for an hour before dinner. Jen used to live 3 houses down from me here in Sacramento and moved home to Spfd in January so it was soooooo much fun to see her for the first time in 5 months! Jen and I headed over to join the rest of the group for dinner at a superfun new restaurant in OKC- Republic. We had a table for 10 celebrating Tim's birthday! It was such a fun dinner and we didn't finish until around 10:30.

On Saturday, we went to AJ's Aunt Ann and Uncle Jack's house in Edmond, where all of our local friends and family gathered for a baby shower!! We had so much fun visiting with everyone- it was such a lovely spring day with great weather out on Ann & Jacks deck in their beautiful back yard. It was such a special day! After the shower, a small group of friends and family ended up spending the rest of the afternoon in the backyard gathered around just enjoying each others company with great conversation, hilarious stories and lots of laughs! Uncle Jack generously opened and shared several of his favorite bottles of wine (this guy knows his wine, and considers Bordeaux to be the center of the universe, I've never been to the region but I don't doubt he's right)! It was an an afternoon I'll never forget, such a happy place- one of those perfect afternoons that couldn't have been planned, that you just feel so pleasant and relaxed you can really appreciate and enjoy each moment. Afternoon became evening and our group of friends had dinner plans that evening at 7- by the time 6:00 rolled around we had talked Ann, Jack, Tammi, Blake and Jamie into joining us, so a table for 10 became a table for 15! If the afternoon was fun, dinner was a BLAST! We had a private room (thank goodness for the sake of the other diners at the restaurant) and had WAY too much fun.

Those 2 days couldn't have been any better and we truly had so much fun. It's that element of spontaneity I think, that truly makes for a good time- sometimes its the unplanned moments and unexpected surprises that put the icing on the cake and become the best memories! We left Oklahoma feeling so happy and so grateful for having such wonderful friends and family in our lives; that's really whats most important in life, spending time with the people you love. Moving forward, I hope we get to do it more often.

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