Friday, May 28, 2010

33 Weeks and So Much More!

I am 33 weeks along with up to 9 weeks to go (I think July 31st is the latest they'll let me go but it could be that August 5th is the latest). Boy-O-Boy this baby boy's getting big! and heavy! Take a look at that shiny round tumtum! I'm huge. Don't know how many more bare belly shots I'm going to take, starting to feel borderline obscene :) but hey- it's reality and reality is big :)
I've been in a lot of pain this week in my pelvis and it makes me walk verrrrrry slowly with kind of a limp. Our midwife said that once the baby drops a little, it could actually help to stabilize my pelvis. I'm going to the chiropractor again today which will make for the 3rd time in 1 week. His adjustments all along my spine do feel really good!

Also, motivated by the new discomfort Bowman is causing me, I sought out a prenatal massage therapist in our area. I saw her on Tuesday evening and it was nice. She's a little younger but very passionate about helping pregnant moms to relax and feel better. I had a 90 minute massage which cost only $70. Typically 90 minute massages are around $120 so it was very worth it. I did go ahead and schedule another appointment with an amazing massage therapist I saw over 2 years ago at a spa down the street from our house. Her name is Martha- her name should be Magic Martha because of the amazing healing energy she exudes. Her touch makes your skin tingle all over, she definitely has magic healing hands. That appointment is for next Thursday and I cant wait!! At this point I'm doing anything to help find relief.
AJ has been so great! He is in the process of purchasing all of the immediate/emergency baby items we'd need if Bowman arrived today (which of course would be waaaaaay too early). The car seat and extra base arrived last week along with the organic crib mattress. He's done all the research and made all of the baby "gear" decisions in terms of make, model etc., once he has it narrowed down he asks me what color. It's been great! There is of course much much much more we'll need but at least the essentials are handled so we could survive with a baby if we had to :) I'm so thankful for him because those decisions are very overwhelming to me.

Bowman's growth has caused some changes in my ability to eat. I feel like I can't eat normal meals anymore, like there's just not room in my body for my stomach. Protein shakes, popsicles, frozen sorbet, canned peaches and salad are my menu and the salads pushing it. Anything that takes a long time to digest, well, gets rejected by my stomach. Very unpleasant. I want to eat all kinds of yummy things, I have the appetite, its just that my stomach says noway-hosay once I've eaten. The conflicting signals don't make it easy.

Its Memorial day weekend, we are celebrating by doing more get-ready-for-Bowman stuff! (aka. more WORK!) I love it though, and there's nothing I'd rather do right now than spend productive time with my AJ getting ready for our baby son. There's an emotional challenge though- I'm usually such a busy bee, it's been hard because mentally I still feel like I can do anything and everything; lift boxes? no problem, move furniture? easy! But its a different story when I actually try- MAJOR reality check, ummmm what a joke! I find out real fast that I cant even come close to doing 90% of what Im used to being able to do. It's so frustrating and makes me feel like a big wimp! So I take lots of breaks, and slowly but surely I get things done :)

This is a picture of the modular carpet flooring I ordered for Bowman's room. The carpet tiles come in sets of 6 all with a different big happy sunshine face! They are mid-century textile designer Alexander Girard's la fonda del sol design. His designs are all so playful and bright, with a little whimsy. Perfect for our Bowman sunshine's room! They should arrive today and I'm excited to set it up and see how it looks. The bookshelves arrived yesterday and once we get them set up I think I'll post some preliminary photos.

We had our first birthing class last night!! It was great! the class consists of 2 other expecting couples, and is at our instructors home so its very comfortable and cozy- which is a good thing because the class runs about 3 hours, for a total of 5 classes. The first class was more of an introduction into HypnoBirthing- which is really more of a philosophy than a "method" per say. I just can't express enough how fortunate I feel to have discovered this philosophy and to be learning how to implement. It's a godsend, just what I was looking for but didn't know existed. It has empowered me and enabled me to believe the birth I envision is truly possible. I feel so confident and proud of our decision to do this. It's no easy decision to have a truly natural birth- the preparation is intensive and necessary in order to give us the best chance possible. In addition to the 15 hours of class, we'll spend about an hour each day working on the relaxation and meditation techniques. It's a big decision and a big commitment, and I'm so thankful to have AJ's full involvement and support. At the class last night we each had to do a drawing; the mothers had to draw how they see the process of birth and the dad's had to draw how they see the baby. This is a picture of our drawings- mine is on the right and AJ's on the left.

We're on the fence about hiring a Birth Doula or not. On one hand, because we're new to this experience it seems like it would be great to have an expert in labor and birth support, to help us through the process and to support us together as a unit. But on the other hand, AJ and I are so close-nit and used to relying on each other and only each other for support, and additionally we'll have put so much time into preparing for our birth that I don't know if we'll #1 actually want someone (that's not a close family or friend, and even then..) in the room with us the entire time and #2 if we'll need constant support. This is a person that we'd be paying a lot of money to be there with us so it's not like she's going to go sit in the waiting area unless we tell her to, and I just have a feeling that knowing us, that's probably what we'd do. When we decided to pursue a natural birth I thought for sure we'd want a Birth Doula, but at this point I think all we need is each other along with the great hospital staff.

This is a really beautiful birth story from a couple that practiced HypnoBirthing for anyone that wants to read it. I found it very moving and inspiring... if she had this type of experience then so can I!


  1. I have heard hypno-birthing is awesome. I, personally, did the Bradley Method. My husband and I took a 12 week course and after 28 hours of natural labor, I had a beautiful baby girl. I'm not going to lie, it was hard. Extremely hard! BUT it was essential that my husband was my cheerleader, my rock and my guide. My relaxation techniques went out the window until he guided me back to sanity. Believe in yourself, your body and your strength. Every contraction is one contraction closer to the birth or your baby-a true miracle. Not to mention, I never even took an advil during my recovery-I felt amazing! :) You can do it!

  2. Allison, I had a hypno-birth with my second. It was a wonderful experience! My favorite part was when the nurses kept asking if I was asleep...Well that and meeting Chase! :) You guys will be great, just trust your body and practice, practice, practice.