Saturday, May 15, 2010

31 Weeks

Guess where I'm sitting right this very moment?? In...the...NURSERY!!! That's right we FINALLY did it! Today we (when I say "we" I mean AJ) moved the queen guest bed out and the former guest room officially became Bowmans Nursery!! The crib, sideboard, ginormous rocker/glider/recliner nursing chair are in the room!! I'm beyond tickled about this, and so excited I can finally get things setup as I've planned for so long. I already love sitting in here :) I'll post pics soon...

It was so surprising today how little I am able to physically do. Definitely not my usual style! Everything is a strain I had to be so careful moving anything around. I'm used to being able to do pretty much anything and this really caught me off guard.

At this point in the pregnancy I'm trying to move away from counting down the weeks remaining (out of 40 total weeks) because what if he decides to stay in a bit longer? Our Doula said that healthy first-time mothers/pregnancies tend to go long rather than early. Eeeeeek! So instead of thinking about having 9 weeks to go, I'm just focusing on how far along I am- 31 weeks along! Truly, anytime after July 5th is fine with me but he may decide not to come until July 30th! I just don't want to set myself up for disappointment if July 15th comes and goes. I think if I fixate on the 15th, any day past that will feel like a week and that would be miserable for sure. So from now on I'm thinking in terms of ballparks and how far along Bowman and I have come together! After all, whenever he decides to come- he'll be right on time :)

For the first time, this week Bowman made his way up to my ribs. He doesn't kick my ribs per say, but it's like his bottom pushes up under my right side ribcage and smushes into my lung. It takes all my breath away and is THE strangest sensation, literally like having the air suddenly squeezed out! Baby Bowman has been getting the hiccups frequently this week, while I was sick I woke up from naps a few times to the rhythm of his little hiccups. I looked it up, and they are perfectly normal and healthy and a good sign of his nerve development :) very sweet.

Statistics say he is about 3.5 pounds and between 16 and 18 inches long- I wish there were a way to know for sure :) His movements are so strong! I could sit and stare at my belly all day, I wish I could tell which parts are which- is that a knee? a little bum? a hand? He moves a lot but amazingly, he's still at night time while I'm sleeping. As strong as his movements are I really think he'd wake me up if he were awake. Maybe this is a good sign that he'll be a good nighttime sleeper :) I'm still sleeping very well, and I hope that lasts!

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