Friday, May 28, 2010

33 Weeks and So Much More!

I am 33 weeks along with up to 9 weeks to go (I think July 31st is the latest they'll let me go but it could be that August 5th is the latest). Boy-O-Boy this baby boy's getting big! and heavy! Take a look at that shiny round tumtum! I'm huge. Don't know how many more bare belly shots I'm going to take, starting to feel borderline obscene :) but hey- it's reality and reality is big :)
I've been in a lot of pain this week in my pelvis and it makes me walk verrrrrry slowly with kind of a limp. Our midwife said that once the baby drops a little, it could actually help to stabilize my pelvis. I'm going to the chiropractor again today which will make for the 3rd time in 1 week. His adjustments all along my spine do feel really good!

Also, motivated by the new discomfort Bowman is causing me, I sought out a prenatal massage therapist in our area. I saw her on Tuesday evening and it was nice. She's a little younger but very passionate about helping pregnant moms to relax and feel better. I had a 90 minute massage which cost only $70. Typically 90 minute massages are around $120 so it was very worth it. I did go ahead and schedule another appointment with an amazing massage therapist I saw over 2 years ago at a spa down the street from our house. Her name is Martha- her name should be Magic Martha because of the amazing healing energy she exudes. Her touch makes your skin tingle all over, she definitely has magic healing hands. That appointment is for next Thursday and I cant wait!! At this point I'm doing anything to help find relief.
AJ has been so great! He is in the process of purchasing all of the immediate/emergency baby items we'd need if Bowman arrived today (which of course would be waaaaaay too early). The car seat and extra base arrived last week along with the organic crib mattress. He's done all the research and made all of the baby "gear" decisions in terms of make, model etc., once he has it narrowed down he asks me what color. It's been great! There is of course much much much more we'll need but at least the essentials are handled so we could survive with a baby if we had to :) I'm so thankful for him because those decisions are very overwhelming to me.

Bowman's growth has caused some changes in my ability to eat. I feel like I can't eat normal meals anymore, like there's just not room in my body for my stomach. Protein shakes, popsicles, frozen sorbet, canned peaches and salad are my menu and the salads pushing it. Anything that takes a long time to digest, well, gets rejected by my stomach. Very unpleasant. I want to eat all kinds of yummy things, I have the appetite, its just that my stomach says noway-hosay once I've eaten. The conflicting signals don't make it easy.

Its Memorial day weekend, we are celebrating by doing more get-ready-for-Bowman stuff! (aka. more WORK!) I love it though, and there's nothing I'd rather do right now than spend productive time with my AJ getting ready for our baby son. There's an emotional challenge though- I'm usually such a busy bee, it's been hard because mentally I still feel like I can do anything and everything; lift boxes? no problem, move furniture? easy! But its a different story when I actually try- MAJOR reality check, ummmm what a joke! I find out real fast that I cant even come close to doing 90% of what Im used to being able to do. It's so frustrating and makes me feel like a big wimp! So I take lots of breaks, and slowly but surely I get things done :)

This is a picture of the modular carpet flooring I ordered for Bowman's room. The carpet tiles come in sets of 6 all with a different big happy sunshine face! They are mid-century textile designer Alexander Girard's la fonda del sol design. His designs are all so playful and bright, with a little whimsy. Perfect for our Bowman sunshine's room! They should arrive today and I'm excited to set it up and see how it looks. The bookshelves arrived yesterday and once we get them set up I think I'll post some preliminary photos.

We had our first birthing class last night!! It was great! the class consists of 2 other expecting couples, and is at our instructors home so its very comfortable and cozy- which is a good thing because the class runs about 3 hours, for a total of 5 classes. The first class was more of an introduction into HypnoBirthing- which is really more of a philosophy than a "method" per say. I just can't express enough how fortunate I feel to have discovered this philosophy and to be learning how to implement. It's a godsend, just what I was looking for but didn't know existed. It has empowered me and enabled me to believe the birth I envision is truly possible. I feel so confident and proud of our decision to do this. It's no easy decision to have a truly natural birth- the preparation is intensive and necessary in order to give us the best chance possible. In addition to the 15 hours of class, we'll spend about an hour each day working on the relaxation and meditation techniques. It's a big decision and a big commitment, and I'm so thankful to have AJ's full involvement and support. At the class last night we each had to do a drawing; the mothers had to draw how they see the process of birth and the dad's had to draw how they see the baby. This is a picture of our drawings- mine is on the right and AJ's on the left.

We're on the fence about hiring a Birth Doula or not. On one hand, because we're new to this experience it seems like it would be great to have an expert in labor and birth support, to help us through the process and to support us together as a unit. But on the other hand, AJ and I are so close-nit and used to relying on each other and only each other for support, and additionally we'll have put so much time into preparing for our birth that I don't know if we'll #1 actually want someone (that's not a close family or friend, and even then..) in the room with us the entire time and #2 if we'll need constant support. This is a person that we'd be paying a lot of money to be there with us so it's not like she's going to go sit in the waiting area unless we tell her to, and I just have a feeling that knowing us, that's probably what we'd do. When we decided to pursue a natural birth I thought for sure we'd want a Birth Doula, but at this point I think all we need is each other along with the great hospital staff.

This is a really beautiful birth story from a couple that practiced HypnoBirthing for anyone that wants to read it. I found it very moving and inspiring... if she had this type of experience then so can I!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Sunshine and Spider-filled Weekend!

Whew! Where do I begin. Since last week we've had much going on round here...

AJ got home late last Friday night, so good to have him back. He had been out of town Monday-Friday for 2 full weeks in a row. I was and am so happy to have my big man back.

We pretty much spent the weekend making room for baby! Our primary objectives were: #1 to clear out the closet in baby's room (which has pretty much served as our wine closet), clear out the closet in AJ's office and move everything from baby's closet into AJ's office closet. Objective #2 was to take all of the displaced furniture from the former guest room- queen mattress, box spring and frame, dresser, chairs, and other misc items to our storage garage we rented a few months ago right around the corner from our house. Objective #1 was successfully accomplished on Saturday, it was a lot of work but we did it. We filled 4 huge storage bins (I think I could fit in one of these things if I curled up!) and threw a lot away. AJ moved the wine racking from one closet to the other along with ALL of the wine, and boy I can't wait till I can drink some of that wine we relocated :) As for objective #2, (our front living room full of displaced stuff waiting to go to storage pictured below) well that turned out to be quite an adventure:

It's a beautiful sunny Sunday morning, we've just returned home from a lovely breakfast at one of our fave spots down the street. We have borrowed our friends truck for AJ to load the furniture and items to take to our storage garage. He loaded the queen bed and frame and made the first trip. He was back after 10 minutes, incredibly flustered and visibly sweating- he had the wrong key and couldn't get into the unit. I gave him the correct key and he left again.

Not 10 minutes later he's back- frustrated has escalated to pissed off and exclaiming he couldn't get the *&$#@! door to open (it's a manual lift garage door). He checked his bank account to make sure our rent check had been deposited- which it had. So this time I hopped in the truck and went with him to see what was going on. Sure enough it wouldn't open. As I started to dial the owner, he managed to pry it open from the bottom- it was caked shut with hardened mud from the last big rain. It gets better...

So now my extremely frustrated/irritated/angry/sweating husband is standing in the storage garage when I notice the place is covered in spider webs- a few seconds later I realized they weren't just any spider webs, but black widows!! The words "be careful for black widows" had barely left my mouth and I saw them. Everywhere. They were dangling down from the open garage door and from the ceiling. Big ones and small ones. Everywhere. 60 seconds later, after I visually scanned the garage in horror- my eyes landed back on AJ to see that he had them crawling on him.

I don't know how I remained calm when I saw one crawling across the side of my husbands face from his ear toward his mouth, but without screaming I said "AJ, you have a black widow on your face." he slapped it off and squished it on the floor as I ran screaming into the cab of the truck and slammed the door. This would be a good time to mention that I am a complete arachnophobic. I am absolutely terrified of spiders- be it daddy longlegs or black widows. They're all the same to me.
We went back to the house and got spider spray and brooms, and headed back to the unit. He spent about 30 minutes spraying and brooming spider webs while I watched from a good 10 feet back, helping and providing commentary "missed one there! oooh another one over there!" Finally we reached the conclusion that it was not safe whatsoever to store ANY of our belongings in this godawful black widow infested storage room. I'm not exactly sure why we did but hey, at least we tried. We jumped in the truck and drove straight to Salvation Army and dropped off the queen mattress set. From there we went to our other storage unit.

Yes, we have 2 storage units. There's an explanation for this. Since we rented the second unit around the corner from our house in February, the plan has been to move the things from our original unit to the new unit. Thank goodness we hadn't done that yet!!

Our original storage unit is filled to the ceiling with boxes and furniture. The boxes primarily contain AJ's mother Becky's belongings. Since Becky passed 7 years ago and AJ has had all of her household items stored in these boxes. These boxes have moved with us twice in Tucson, from Tucson to Laguna Beach, and from LB to Sacramento. Clearly this is a very sensitive and close-to-the-heart matter for both of us especially AJ. It's all sentimental, but the boxes don't contain the truly sentimental things, those treasures were previously sorted out and are all with us and with family. We're talking the items a person accumulates over time, basic household dishes, books, trinkets, bed sheets etc. I have made it very clear that the decision will be his whenever he's ready to go through the boxes and let things go.

So on Sunday at noon, the two of us stood looking at the floor-to-ceiling box filled unit and AJ decided it was time to make some room. We started opening boxes 1 by 1, carefully unwrapping each item. We did find some treasures- a cloth activity book Becky made for AJ when he was little titled "The Quiet Book", 2 precious mother and child relief prints that I will hang in Bowman's nursery, some well read childrens books including "Raggedy Ann" and "Madeline", a Peter Rabit china set, and lots of photos and sports-related clippings of AJ she had saved. Each box we opened smelled like her house, and brought lots of memories. What started as a frustrating spider-filled hellish experience, turned into an unexpected peaceful and therapeutic time for the both of us working together side by side . We spent 4 hours and made it through 75% of the boxes in the unit. At the end of the day AJ took 2 loads of goods to the women's and children's shelter/thrift store.

We re-connected with memories of Becky, AJ let go of what we'd been holding on to which will now be put to use and appreciated all over again by people in need. We made lots of new room in the unit for the things at our house that need to be stored. We still have much more to sort through before we bring over the things from the house- and that's the agenda for this Saturday!
Bowman and I did great, we worked hard, and not until it was stopping time did I start to hurt. WoooHoooo hellooooo lower back! Which brings me to the next new development in life- the Chiropractor.

Last week I mentioned the major pain I've been experiencing in my pelvic joints, at times it literally feels like I'm being pried and prodded with a crowbar! I saw my Chiropractor on Friday afternoon and it was great! Wooooonderful!! I snap-crackle-popped from head to toe. He is working to realign my spine and pelvic joints which in addition to helping with the pain, will also help my labor and delivery to go smoother. I went again yesterday, and have another appointment on this Thursday. I'll be seeing him at least once a week for the duration of my pregnancy. Thank you Dr. Lawson!

So thats our story of sunshine and spiders, and an overall great weekend together.

Friday, May 21, 2010

32 weeks

Roses from my garden

This week has been filled with emotion I have never experienced before, nor have the capability to comprehend or cope. I can't even type the words, but the letter AJ wrote explains it. I have been shaken and shocked to my core and the devastation of reality is incomprehensible.
My mind, my heart and my soul refuse to grasp or accept that Isaiah, baby Zayah, is truly gone.
I am so grateful that AJ was able to get right on a plane after we got the phone call at 6:30AM on Monday. AJ was able to get to Renzi and LeeAnne so fast, it made me feel good that he could be there to help and support them in any and all ways. But being here alone has been so hard. The phone call I got from Tim, keeps replaying in my head over and over, I hear his hysteric voice and his words, and my heart breaks, over and over. I so wanted to go to Oklahoma so that I could grieve Baby Zayah with AJ and join the group of friends and family that gathered in celebration of love for Isaiah and the Stones. As much as I wanted so badly to go to OKC, because I was so sick last week (I got sick right after we returned from our weekend trip to OKC), and still not all the way well at the beginning of this week, traveling again so soon and the emotional trauma of this loss, my doctor wanted me to stay put. So I did but it hasn't been easy.

Through this, Baby Bowman continues to reassure me with massive swirls and kicks all around in my tummy. I have found comfort in the love that circulates between the two of us. Such a blessing. I love him so much and I know he can feel it.

You can see by the torpedo tummy, as my mom dubbed it, that Bowman appears to be growing quite well. I had my 32 week appointment on Wednesday of this week. My blood pressure remains a consistend 100/62 so that's good! There is some confusion on the official due date because of early ultrasound measurements. The earliest measurements indicate July 22nd while the 12 and 20 week diagnostic ultrasound measurements indicate July 16th. But who knows anyway- he's going to come when he's ready! While I was sick last week I started experiencing severe pain in my pelvic joints- which I promptly Googled to findout what the heck was going on! I learned that at this stage in pregnancy the body releases a hormone that helps the ligaments and joints of the pelvis to start loosening, without this hormone the baby would not be able to fit through. However, it's not supposed to be excruciatingly painful. Pain indicates too much loosening and instability, either my body is extra sensitive to the hormone or it released too much of it. I didn't exactly start out with child-bearing hips so I probably need all the loosening I can get but when it hurts like heck to stand up or walk, Houston we have a problem.
My doctor told me to see a Chiropractor that is qualified to do prenatal work. I have an appointment this afternoon at 4:15 so I'm really hoping for some relief! I had to stop working out because of it, I kinda need to be able to walk comfortably in order to exercise.

I decided to post some pictures that make me feel happy and bring a smile to my face.

A few pics AJ sent me from this week- At a baseball game with Jackson and the guys.
Some tough men treating themselves to pedicures. Very rough& tough pedicures of course :)

My furry boys have kept me good company all week.

This video was on facebook and it made me smile, these little guys are so odd looking but I want one, or at least would like to spend a day at this rescue sanctuary cuddling them. I think they are just sooooooo cute and watching this makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Presh!

Meet the sloths from Amphibian Avenger on Vimeo.

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Letter to my Godson


When your parents asked me to be your Godfather, I accepted my assignment with equal seriousness and excitement. As luck would have it, since you were born last June, I was actually able to see you six times in less than a year - quite a feat considering we live 2000 miles apart. It has been awesome! Frankly, there are only a handful of people that I have seen that many times in the last 12 months. I held you and played with you just 8 days ago. I now know what a gift that time with you was.

Since your birth, I have quietly vowed to be there for each birthday, every major event, and as many athletic events as possible. I daydreamed about teaching you to play golf, paying for your first Vegas trip, watching you graduate, seeing you get married, listening to the stories you were too embarrassed to tell your parents and just spending special time with you, my Godson, one on one. I couldn't wait for you, Jackson, CJ and Bowman to grow up together.

Thank you for allowing me to be a witness to your courage and strength. May you run free – free of that afflicting condition. May your spirit flourish – flourish free of the challenges that you faced. May you share in all the joys of watching your brother, mother, and father flourish in your memory. May you share your incredible strength. My heart is broken. Please bestow some of that strength upon me.

Overall, my charge has been to care for you should tragedy strike. I have taken my assignment very seriously.

Tragedy has struck – my task has changed.

My duty is now to protect your family. I make a promise to you today that I will do just that. Right now as I write this, I am on a plane flying to be by their side.

So as my first assignment, I ask you a favor. Tonight, when you are breaking bread with God and smiling down on all of us, ask him to take it easy on your parents. You know they won’t ask – their faith is strong and unbreakable. They are ready for whatever God puts in front of them. They have demonstrated incredible strength, courage and faith in the face of impossible circumstances.

So I am asking for God to have mercy on Renzi and LeeAnne Stone. Enough is enough. Somehow, someway bring them peace.

I love you Baby Isaiah. I miss you.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

31 Weeks

Guess where I'm sitting right this very moment?? In...the...NURSERY!!! That's right we FINALLY did it! Today we (when I say "we" I mean AJ) moved the queen guest bed out and the former guest room officially became Bowmans Nursery!! The crib, sideboard, ginormous rocker/glider/recliner nursing chair are in the room!! I'm beyond tickled about this, and so excited I can finally get things setup as I've planned for so long. I already love sitting in here :) I'll post pics soon...

It was so surprising today how little I am able to physically do. Definitely not my usual style! Everything is a strain I had to be so careful moving anything around. I'm used to being able to do pretty much anything and this really caught me off guard.

At this point in the pregnancy I'm trying to move away from counting down the weeks remaining (out of 40 total weeks) because what if he decides to stay in a bit longer? Our Doula said that healthy first-time mothers/pregnancies tend to go long rather than early. Eeeeeek! So instead of thinking about having 9 weeks to go, I'm just focusing on how far along I am- 31 weeks along! Truly, anytime after July 5th is fine with me but he may decide not to come until July 30th! I just don't want to set myself up for disappointment if July 15th comes and goes. I think if I fixate on the 15th, any day past that will feel like a week and that would be miserable for sure. So from now on I'm thinking in terms of ballparks and how far along Bowman and I have come together! After all, whenever he decides to come- he'll be right on time :)

For the first time, this week Bowman made his way up to my ribs. He doesn't kick my ribs per say, but it's like his bottom pushes up under my right side ribcage and smushes into my lung. It takes all my breath away and is THE strangest sensation, literally like having the air suddenly squeezed out! Baby Bowman has been getting the hiccups frequently this week, while I was sick I woke up from naps a few times to the rhythm of his little hiccups. I looked it up, and they are perfectly normal and healthy and a good sign of his nerve development :) very sweet.

Statistics say he is about 3.5 pounds and between 16 and 18 inches long- I wish there were a way to know for sure :) His movements are so strong! I could sit and stare at my belly all day, I wish I could tell which parts are which- is that a knee? a little bum? a hand? He moves a lot but amazingly, he's still at night time while I'm sleeping. As strong as his movements are I really think he'd wake me up if he were awake. Maybe this is a good sign that he'll be a good nighttime sleeper :) I'm still sleeping very well, and I hope that lasts!

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Best 2 Days Ever!

This recap has been a bit delayed because I got really sick right away when we got home from our trip- turned out to be an upper respiratory infection had me in bed for 3 days straight. 3 days and 1 Zpak later I'm back in business!

Wow! What a trip we had! We arrived Thursday night our flight on Southwest was a breeze. We got to our friends' Tim and Natalie's house at about 11 and headed to bed. We got up at 6:45 the next morning (4:45 Sacramento time) and got to play with their adorable 6 month old baby. CJ has such a bubbly personality, inquisitive about new people but not the least bit shy- full of laughs and big smiles, so sweet and cuddly. The last time we saw him was the day after Thanksgiving, he was so new and tiny, and it's amazing how they so quickly grow and develop into a distinct little person. He looks so much like both of his parents, one minute I think he looks just like Tim and and the next I see Natty. Thank you to Tim and Natalie for letting us stay with you in your beautiful home :)

After a great breakfast with Tim we headed over to our other best friends' Renzi and Lee Anne's house and got to have a quick visit with Lee and their 2 boys Jackson (2-1/2) and Isaiah (10 months and AJ's Godson), for about an hour. Then we drove to Edmond to AJ's aunt Ann and Uncle Jack's house and went to lunch with Ann and her son AJ's cousin Blake. We had a great time with them getting caught up and especially hearing details about Blakes upcoming wedding in June:) We then went back to Renzi and Lee Anne's house and watched the 2 boys while She went to work for a meeting she had to run. We had so much fun with the boys- Jackson is so smart and Isaiah is very observant- constantly watching his big brother, and boy can that kid get around! He just crawls and grab-walks all over the place! AJ and Jackson played basketball for literally 90minutes straight. Jackson knows the ins and outs of the game including defense, free throws and fouls. He demands the "Thunder!" and "Defense!" chants be sung, it's so cute but truly, his aptitude is amazing! They are both so precious. (see pics of AJ and J playing basketball, that blurr is J going for a slam dunk, in the next pic he's lined up while AJ shoots a free throw, and in the last one he's playing defense on AJ!)

After a fun 3 hours, we got a call from my friend Jen that she had made it to OKC from Springfield Missouri. We went and got ready for dinner and at 6 AJ took me to her hotel and Jen and I got to catch up over a drink for an hour before dinner. Jen used to live 3 houses down from me here in Sacramento and moved home to Spfd in January so it was soooooo much fun to see her for the first time in 5 months! Jen and I headed over to join the rest of the group for dinner at a superfun new restaurant in OKC- Republic. We had a table for 10 celebrating Tim's birthday! It was such a fun dinner and we didn't finish until around 10:30.

On Saturday, we went to AJ's Aunt Ann and Uncle Jack's house in Edmond, where all of our local friends and family gathered for a baby shower!! We had so much fun visiting with everyone- it was such a lovely spring day with great weather out on Ann & Jacks deck in their beautiful back yard. It was such a special day! After the shower, a small group of friends and family ended up spending the rest of the afternoon in the backyard gathered around just enjoying each others company with great conversation, hilarious stories and lots of laughs! Uncle Jack generously opened and shared several of his favorite bottles of wine (this guy knows his wine, and considers Bordeaux to be the center of the universe, I've never been to the region but I don't doubt he's right)! It was an an afternoon I'll never forget, such a happy place- one of those perfect afternoons that couldn't have been planned, that you just feel so pleasant and relaxed you can really appreciate and enjoy each moment. Afternoon became evening and our group of friends had dinner plans that evening at 7- by the time 6:00 rolled around we had talked Ann, Jack, Tammi, Blake and Jamie into joining us, so a table for 10 became a table for 15! If the afternoon was fun, dinner was a BLAST! We had a private room (thank goodness for the sake of the other diners at the restaurant) and had WAY too much fun.

Those 2 days couldn't have been any better and we truly had so much fun. It's that element of spontaneity I think, that truly makes for a good time- sometimes its the unplanned moments and unexpected surprises that put the icing on the cake and become the best memories! We left Oklahoma feeling so happy and so grateful for having such wonderful friends and family in our lives; that's really whats most important in life, spending time with the people you love. Moving forward, I hope we get to do it more often.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day; A New Meaning

Dear Baby Bowman,

It's my first official mothers day today! You've been rolling and kicking all day long to remind me of that fact. Even though I haven't seen you in person yet, I already know and love you. I am and will forever be your mommy.

I think about all of the mothers in your father's and my lifetime. Our mothers, their mothers and their mothers' mothers.

I am blessed to have the most wonderful mother, your Gramma Bobbie, she is so loving, and she loves you so much! If I can be half as good as she was, then we'll be in good shape. You won't get to meet your daddy's mother, your Grand-mère Becky, but we will tell you all about her and what a vivacious, vibrant woman she was. Even though you won't meet her in person, she will always be a part of you, and you will always have her love with you. Although she's not here, her 3 sisters; Aunt Ann, Aunt Sudi & Aunt Dinah and your Gramma Dee, can't wait to meet you and shower you with love. You are fortunate to have 3 Great Grandmothers; my Grandmom Cash, Grandmother Margret and Gramma Ann, that you will get to meet. They have been so influential in my life- the gift of their love and care has been such a blessing and has shaped the person I am today. Your Daddy's Grandmothers have also passed, but don't you think for one second that Gommie and MaMaw Jack aren't watching over you and me right this moment.

So that's what I've been thinking about today, all of the mothers that surround your daddy and me, whom we wouldn't be here without and wouldn't be the people we are today if not for the gift of their love throughout our lives.

There are so many people ready to love you, that already do love you! Love is lifes best gift and your daddy and I can't wait to give you the endless love we have.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Big...3-0

Well if there was ever a "home stretch" this is it! 30 weeks, meaning only 10 weeks to go sounds to me like the end is rapidly approaching. Baby B still has lots of growing to do, mostly in poundage to gain. What to Expect When You're expecting says he's over 3 pounds and 16 inches long, the estimate is he'll gain about 1/2 pound a week from here on out. It feels to me like he's moving almost constantly, no more pokes, now the movement feels more like swirls and gliding- which means he's getting cramped in there :)

We had our 30 week doctor appointment on Monday. All went well! I will be weighing backwards from now on because the weight gain at this point gives me MAJOR anxiety! I'm just committed to continuing to eat as healthy as possible, and get my workouts and yoga in and the rest will happen as it needs to. I'm just so used to feeling good and being in control of everything related to my body that the numbers on the scale are too hard for me to deal with. My blood pressure (unlike my weight) continues to remain very low- this time it was 102/62 so as long as those numbers stay low I'm happy. We got the results of the Glucose screening test I did last week and it turns out my blood sugar is actually low! So it looks like Gestational Diabetes is not a concern for me but I have to be careful not to let it get too more candy!! Haha I wish those were the doctors orders, I do love my candy :) I have to make sure to eat frequent small meals and get lots of protein in to keep the levels more even. I start each day with a protein shake- 50 grams of protein for Baby Bowman so hopefully I'll be in good shape. When the Midwife checked his heartbeat she remarked "he certainly is a squirmer!" which I thought was interesting because I have nothing to compare to, so she confirmed my feelings that this lil'guy moves all the time! My fundal height measured 31-1/2 weeks and I was only 29-1/2 weeks so he's a little ahead of the curve, which may be a continuing trend...we'll see!

On this past Saturday AJ and I did our maternity portraits! I felt like it went really well, the photographer spent 3 hours taking pictures but the time flew by it didn't seem that long at all. I had huge reservations in the past weeks leading up to the appointment, I came close to calling and canceling several times but I stuck with it because of how important to me it was before feeling huge. I'm so glad I went through with it, and I'm so excited to see how they turned out! We go back to the studio on May 17th to sit down with her and go through all of them. After that, she'll put the ones we like on a website that we'll have access to for only 7 days so we can make our final decisions. I'll be sure to share that with anyone that wants to see them :) Our photographer Karen used to be a labor and delivery nurse but found her passion in capturing the beauty of pregnant women and precious newborns.
This evening, we fly out to Oklahoma for a last visit with AJ's family and our good friends out that way. That was the idea when I went to Alaska a 6 weeks ago, (but AJ ended up not being able to come because of a business trip). I even get to see one of my best friends Jen- she used to live 3 houses down the street from us but moved back to her hometown of Springfield MO in January. I haven't seen her in 5 months and I'm so excited!

My parents have booked their flights and hotel for Bowman's birth! That makes is all the more real and exciting! So hard to know when to book, but we decided on July 11-21st and hopefully he'll cooperate. The "official" due date is July 15th so we'll see....
It's time to get the show on the road with Bowman's nursery!! We haven't moved the queen bed out of the the guest room/nursery-to-be. I suppose that's the plan for next weekend! We have just a few more items to purchase, I can't wait until I can go and just sit peacefully in my baby's room