Monday, April 19, 2010

Pregnant+Wine Country=Serious Mental Toughness!!

I have 5 days to prepare myself for Saturday. Our great friends Tim and Natalie Heskett are coming to Northern California to celebrate their 7th wedding anniversary! They arrive in Sacramento late Thursday night, and on Saturday morning we head to (drumroll......) Napa Valley! This trip has been planned long before I became pregnant. I LOVE Napa, and I SO ENJOY great wine and this will be SO HARD!! It will be Tim and Natalie's first trip to wine country and first full day of wine tasting and I'm so excited to get to be with them! AJ has a great winery reservations for us and I'm sure I will be fine, probably just minor sporadic pouting here and there :)

Mental toughness right friends?!? I suppose it's like being at DisneyWorld and not being able to ride the rides.... or something like that. It's been so long since I've had any wine I wonder if I will still like it??


  1. Don't know about your Dr. but mine allowed 1 glass of red wine. Have fun

    Jen's friend Kristin

  2. i promise---you will love it again very soon!