Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Last Weekend and This Weekend

We had such a fun time this past weekend with Tim and Natalie. AJ took Friday off and the three of them spent all day riding our cruiser bikes around midtown Sac. It was sunny and beautiful- a perfect day to spend outside on the bikes. On Friday evening we all went out to a great dinner and then Natalie and I went home to get some rest for the next day's adventure in Napa, while AJ and Tim stayed out a little later catching up.

Saturday was amazing! The weather was beautiful! It was a gorgeous hour drive to Napa, and I kicked myself the whole way for leaving the fully charged camera on the dining room table!! Natalie took lots of pictures which I'll post as soon as she emails them.
We started out with our first appointment at Cakebread at 10:30. We did the tour and tasting. AJ and I have done this several times- our very first trip to Napa was with AJ's Aunt Ann and Uncle Jack and it's how we started the day with them. We've sort of kept the tradition as a great way to start out the day with Napa newcomers because the tour is so informative. We had our favorite tour guide and wine expert, Jim, to take us through the 1.5 hour experience. Then we went on to lunch at Bouchon in Yountville and then to our next appointment at Honig. This is AJ's and my favorite winery, #1: because the wine is great- fab Cab and Sauv Blanc, #2: the setting is beautiful and relaxed, #3: the people that work there are so friendly and they always remember AJ when we visit. After about an hour at Honig and about 8 different wines, we headed on to our third and fourth stops Elyse and Elizabeth Spencer. We finished off the day with a huge dinner at The Bounty Hunter, AJ's favorite restaurant. All in all, a fun time was had by all, 7months pregnant me made it through a 12+ hour trek with only slight exhaustion near the end :) and Tim and Natty discovered a new found love of wine and are planning their return trip :)
AJ and I spent Sunday relaxing instead of starting on the nursery. I feel like the nursery should be fun and we were just too tired.

This Saturday we are taking maternity portraits! I'm excited and nervous. This will be a new experience for us but something that's important to me. I think pregnancy is so special and although it has plenty of not-so-pretty aspects, overall I try to remember it's a beautiful miracle of love and creation from God. This is a time I want to capture and be able to look back upon- I will never be pregnant with this baby again and I hope Karen our photographer is able to capture a beautiful aspect of my round belly, because I certainly have a hard time seeing it for myself!! We are going to Belly Beautiful Portraits- we met with the photographer Karen months ago and liked her and her work very much. Of course when we met with her and scheduled the appointment I was just starting to show, I thought then I was big, HA! Hopefully I don't look too whale-ish :( We'll see what happens!!

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