Monday, April 5, 2010

Fast and Fun trip to Alaska!

I'm so happy I got to go home one last time before the basketball becomes a watermelon! I left CA for Anchorage on Tuesday evening, got to spend 4 great days at home (the house i grew up in), and at our cabin in Girdwood, the resort town 45 minutes out of Anchorage. My parents have had the cabin since I was 2, so needless to say it's a pretty special place to be. While I was home I spent good time visiting with my 90 year old Grandmother Margaret, we went on 2 lunch dates and had a lovely time. I had a great visit with my longtime dear friend Bri who is also pregnant at 18 weeks, we met at an adorable hot chocolate cafe and got to spend 2 hours talking. I got to spend time with my best buddy Esa twice, once in Anchorage and once in Girdwood. There is no sense of time when we are together the hours fly by as we talk talk talk. Theres something so special about time spent with a best friend.

On Thursday evening, my parents and I headed to the cabin for some cozy relaxation. We spent Thursday evening, and all day Friday thoroughly enjoying our time together. I am so fortunate to have two such wonderful people as my parents and I don't know what I'd be without their love. During this time that I'm getting ready to have a baby of our own, it was so nice to get to spend a few days in the lap of love. I cherished this short time, and wish I got to do it more often. We sat by the fire reading, doing puzzles, working on laptops (ahem mom and dad:), and watching movies. I got to spend ALLLLL day in my not-cute hotpink fleecy sweatpants- the epitome of relaxation! We also went for a nice long walk (pic to the left). The weather was great- sunny and high of 45/50 degrees, really not so bad at all. There was certainly no shortage of snow!!!

I originally booked the trip with AJ coming too, but he had to be in NYC Monday through Thursday. I wished he were with me but I was still very happy to be there.
I took the red eye home Saturday night and AJ picked me up on Sunday morning and took me to breakfast. Unfortunately I picked up a cold on the way home and apparently needed lots of rest- we got to the house at 11:30 and I slept until 5:30, with Bernie, Murphy and Nigel the kitty all piled on the bed with me the entire 6 hours. It was precious, nobody moved. It's nice to know you've been missed.
This cold isn't getting any better and I'm not feeling so hot right now :( I wish I had my mommy.

Here are pictures from our walk

The view of the forest and creek from the hot tub at the cabin. ahhhhhhh.

Me and my cute little Bobbie.

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