Thursday, April 15, 2010

27 Down 13 To Go! Eeeeeek!

Ha ha Bowman kicked and the laptop just jumped as I'm typing. I just cant believe that in one week until I'll officially be in the third trimester! It seems like the weeks have gone by so fast! I bet they'll start to slooooooow doooooown as I get bigger and bigger and more uncomfortable, but we'll see. I hope the next 13 weeks are wonderful.

This week Baby Bowman is about 14-1/2 inches long and over 2 pounds! About the size of an eggplant, he can open his eyes, suck his thumb, and basically is a fully formed tiny human :) I can't wait to hold him.

It's been a hectic week, on Monday AJ came home from his Monday night basketball league with a severely injured (well in my book at least) ankle. He jumped up and came down on somebody elses foot and onto the outside of his ankle! I've never seen anything so swollen!! And I've never seen my big husband injured! It scared the bejesus out of me!! I got him situated at his direction with a water and ice bucket immediately, and after 20 minutes we moved him to the sofa and I went to the store to buy ace bandages and big huge bags of ice. He spent that night on the sofa with his foot propped up high and the entire next day as well. Tuesday on my way home from work, despite his repeated refusals, I stopped at RiteAid and bought my husband a walking cane. We both got a good laugh out of it but it truly did prove to be immensely helpful in enabling him hobble around the house to the bathroom and back with out risking further injury. Tuesday night he got to sleep in our bed because we devised a way to keep his foot up high. Yesterday he went to a specialist and had xrays, the doctor remarked that due to the pre-existing scar tissue in his ankle (ahem!...) it's difficult to see if there's a minor fracture but certainly plenty of tissue damage! So he's in a boot which helps him to get around much better. He'll go back to the doc in 2 weeks and also start physical therapy at that time. The photos don't come close to capturing how bad it is, but his foot literally looks like a bubble, when he took the boot off last night we both just sat there laughing in disbelief. Check out those purdy size sixteens!! (and while we're on the subject of AJ's feet I should mention his toes really are as long as they look, his second and third toes are longer than my pinky fingers!!)

Needless to say we make quite the pair- with my growing belly and his leg in a boot we don't get around like we used to :)

I'm excited for this weekend, I have a furniture assembly service scheduled to come to the house on Saturday to assemble several pieces of nursery furniture! I had this scheduled prior to AJ's injury- hiring somebody else to do this is just a lot healthier for our own sanity and our marriage :) We've learned that we're both too type A to share these types of projects, one of us is always telling the other their doing it wrong! And plus, furniture with moving parts is always tricky- so thank you Konkord Assembly!! For now, all of it is in our foyer until next Sunday when the queen bed will be moved out of the room and then the nursery-nesting will begin!!! Yay!

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  1. Hope AJ is ok! Poor guy! I was laughing out loud with your comment on his toes! Grant has really large feet too... I'm going to look at his toes tonight... measure with my pinky! haha. I can't believe your almost in your 3rd trimester! What is your exact due date? I'm so happy for you guys... can we meet soon!!!!??? :)