Thursday, April 8, 2010

26 weeks...98 Days to go!!

Despite being sick all week since returning home from Alaska, I drug myself out of bed this evening for AJ to take the tummy pic. I missed last weeks pic because I wasn't home so I didn't want to miss the big 2-6 :) My
gosh I feel enormous!

I feel like night of the living dead, a little zombie-ish. I've had a fever, a throbbing head and body aches. After staying home in bed asleep for 2 whole days, I feel like I dont know what day it is :S Finally this evening I think I feel teensey bit better. At any rate I'm going to the doctor tomorrow morning- we've had an appointment scheduled with our OB in Davis tomorrow morning and we're very excited about it! I think im getting better but I'll be able to talk to him about being sick too.

Even though his mommy has been sick, I'm happy to say Baby Bowman has been feeling great thank goodness! It feels like he's moving almost all the time. His movements are growing stronger and stronger and I'm getting kicks and pokes in new areas above my bellybutton and around my side.

I am getting very antsy to start setting up shop in the nursery! We have furniture arriving in boxes, the rocking/gliding/reclining, giant, big-enough-for-daddy chair arrived last weekend, (which we expect to be spending a lot of time in with the little man). The queen bed will be moved out of the room on April 25th along with some other furniture, and then it's game time! Yippeeee! I'm sooooooo excited! I will post some pictures of what I plan for the room :)

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