Monday, March 8, 2010

A Sunny Sunday and Jacks vs. Strollers Round 2!

Yesterday was a lovely sunny Sunday here in Sacramento! We had a great morning with a walk to our neighborhood Starbucks on J Street, with our sweet doggies (they prefer ice water and whip-cream lattes:) We made our game plan for the day and headed back home to get things going.

We charged our batteries with a lovely lunch on the patio at Riverside Bistro; good food and good conversation it's hard to go wrong.

After lunch (drum roll please) we decided to go for round #2: The Jack's vs. Strollers. Thus far the score was Strollers-1 Jack's-0. After our experience on Saturday, a little more research was done and this time we both felt pretty good about going back for more. We had a goal: B.O.B. Revolution vs. Bugaboo Chameleon and to also learn a thing or two about the collapsible umbrella type.

Well...lets just say that after yesterday I have pulled myself from the ranks. I've dropped out of the stroller derby. There are just too many...everything! Too many features, extras and must-haves. I just cant hold my footing in this arena so I throw in my towel and pass the baton.

My husband on the other hand plows forward with confidence and appears to be holding his own. He will be making this and probably many other decisions about what is purchased for this baby. My new official and self-appointed title is Executive of the Color Selection Committee and Design Review Board- because in reality that's all I really care about. He is so great with this type of thing, he'll make sure this stroller has all the bells a whistles we need- and it will be one that I like and whatever color I want. So in the end I think the Jack's will prevail thanks to our wise team captain AJ!

After stroller challenge round #2 we went home to relax outside on the porch and had a nice evening at home reading and watching the Oscars red carpet action- sans stroller drama!


  1. Puffy is cuddling with his mama:) I see the baby belly!! Oh friend I miss you so much!!!

  2. Congrats on your little one. Sometimes simple is netter when it comes to baby things. Less to break or try to figure out. It gets easier I promise. Enjoy ever minute , they go by so fast.
    Kristin - Jens friend in mo.

  3. hmm. Strollers are tricky...
    Here's my unsolicited advice... I am not a psychic, but you may have a big baby. This means they will not be in the infant carrier long (Drake outgrew his month 3), so I'd spend the money on the permanent stroller. BUT, you never know, I have friends with 10 month old babies still in the carrier??? We have a BOB revolution & love it!
    Soooo excited for you guys! Will you share the name already???