Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Daaaling Husband

It's been a whirlwind of a week for my darling dear.

Monday he round-tripped it to Irvine and back to Sac.

Tuesday morning he left at 6am for a meeting in San Francisco, and that afternoon from San Francisco, he flew to New Mexico for a Wednesday meeting and made an important presentation.

Finally after all that he reached his reward...Vegas Baby!!

He flew from New Mexico to LV this morning where he will spend the next 3 days in his version of "man heaven"- also known as the start of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Extravaganza!!! (I mistakenly referred to it as NAACP, and Fabulous Four, the first year we were married. Oopsy :) He and his best friends are meeting there for a long weekend where they will be glued to the approximate 25-zillion TV's in the sports book at Mandalay.

And what about me? Well I am so happy for him because I know how much he LOVES this tournament, especially the first weekend. I figure he'd be glued to the tournament if he were here, so as far as I'm concerned why not Vegas?!

Have a great time baby, you SOOOOO deserve it! (and I SO deserve you to bring me a present from your trip! teehehee, no seriously :)

He texted me this pic just a bit ago. If that's not one happy man then I don't know...

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