Monday, March 15, 2010

Details of a Diaper Bag

Just because I am becoming a mother does not mean I should be forced to abandon my personal taste and style. There will certainly be countless sacrifices and adjustments that come along with the new job description- but that doesn't mean I should have to sacrifice everything including my own special spin on things as I employ now. When/where possible I want to keep in accordance with the way I do things now, pre-motherhood. Which brings me to the topic of Diaper Bags.

If I'm going to have to lug around a diaper bag 24/7 filled with accouterments and necessities for Mr. Prince Charming, said bag must of course serve many appropriate functions.
  • It must have plenty of room because from what I can see, Prince Charming will require an entourage of essentials accompanying him wherever he/we may go in anticipation of his every need-
  • Durability is a must as spills and messes of all sorts are bound to occur-
  • Exterior pockets or pouches are essential to catch anything handy or needed at my fingertips-
  • And lastly Prince charming's mother stipulates this bag must have a zipper top to keep all of God knows what I will be carrying around, nicely concealed from the rest of the world.
Now that I got function out of the way, on to form. Just as any other bag I purchase that will be a staple in my wardrobe, such as this new "Baby Bag" will be, it simply has to have a touch of fabulous to it. With all of this in mind I knew just what to do.
I didn't have to look very far before finding the perfect bag for Prince Charming and his mother. I knew that ol'faithful yet always fabulous, Mr. Louis Vuitton would have just what I needed! and Voila!
The Totally GM:
Big and roomy? Check!
Durable? Double Check!
Exterior Pockets? Two of them!
Zippered closure? You Betcha!

I still have one major dilemma...
Color: should I go with the original monogram (brown) or the damier azur (blue and white)? If it were available in the brown damier there wouldn't be a question but these are the two options the bag is made in...I don't know which to choose!!
As for anybody that thinks I'm just plain crazy... that's ok I don't mind, they probably thought that in the first place, and... they're probably right :D


  1. OH FRIEND! What a fabulous accessory for my fabulous fwend and her baby!!! I LUB it!!!

  2. But what color should I get friend?? I need help deciding...

  3. Go with the darker one (easier to clean up) unless the lighter one is (which I prefer) is the same material and also easy to spot clean. Diaper bags collect stains and things you never even saw.

  4. I went looking there too! But, I liked Ju Ju Be. I liked the compartments, it has a pad to pull out to change the baby on, etc. I love Louis Vuitton though... tough choice! ;)