Saturday, March 6, 2010

A baby planner anyone???

There are planners for major life events; professionals-experts in the industry- that individuals may hire to assist in navigating and decision making and detail handeling for these events. A wedding planner for example, guides a couple through the process of planning a wedding, they have experience and are knowledgable on all aspects of the event, streamlining the process so that said couple is able to easily make decisions based on their preferences, A wedding planner knows about things an innocent engaged couple didn't know they'd need!

What i'm getting at here is WHY aren't there baby planners???

All of the "stuff" that two expectant parents must purchase and acquire in preparation for their new baby- who is getting closer and closer to arrival each day- is thoroughly overwhelming!! I for one would be all for hiring an expert in the field to help us do all that we need in preparation for our son. It would be frusteration saved and money well spent!

We spent a hour at a locally owned baby and toddler store- (I dont dare to set foot in a Baby-Mart-World-Land-R'us type store just yet for fear of a full blown anxiety attack or worse:) We thought we'd learn a thing or 2 about strollers and maybe narrow it down to a stroller we like. huh! a novice idea that was!! We worked with a very helpful sales staff member who walked us through all the different makes and models and sizes and functions of ALL the strollers. Well, by the first 60 seconds into "Stroller Introduction 101" we both looked at eachother and realized we dont even know when people actually use strollers! Other than for a neighborhood walk to Starbucks on Saturday and Sunday morning...? The staff member posed to us a perfectly reasonable question "So what will you be using the stroller for?" We looked at eachother and said "Uhhhhh to stroll? To push around the baby? To go for a walk?" A second later another stroller function donned on AJ and he declared "Going to restaurants!" I agreed wholeheartedly- "Good one babe!" and then I blurted out "I dont even know when people actually use strollers." I suppose the easy and obvious anwer is everything- yet hard to imagine integrated into the context of our life at present. Oh the joys.

We decided to go back for round 2 tomorrow- I for another look at the B.O.B. Revolution!, Stokke Xplory and Bugaboo Cameleon- yeah, I dont really know what any of that means... and maybe we'll venture into the car seat section!

All I can say is thank the Lord that AJ doesn't panic. He's so calm and collected and I bet he'll have it all figured out by tomorrow night im sure! He's definitely driving this bus!


  1. Love love love this post. So so true. we need baby planners...but in the meantime, check with me (or any other mommy friends)...we will walk you through this. And strollers are great for when you have a monster baby boy and the car carrier is too heavy with the baby in it to haul around, you snap it into the stroller and POOF! your arms get a break. :)

  2. A baby planner is a great idea! The reality of the matter is that your friends who have been down this path before you are your official baby planners! So, fire away with questions! Strollers....yeah, I have several and definitely can advise you in that route. Jeff and I had to go to double stroller 101 training when we were in San Diego and boy did we feel like novices again! There is a lot of extra hoopla things out there that in the end are unneccesary and over-priced and then there are some things (e.g. Pee-Pee Tee-Pee's) that are worth gold!
    Ask away my friend!

  3. There ARE Baby Planners, and I'm one of them :D

    We are in the process of launching in San Diego, CA within the next month!
    You can follow me on twitter @BabyBumpBeyond or check out our site to get more info.