Saturday, March 13, 2010

All in a name

While AJ is at the vet with Bernard for his first of 2 blood draws today- I am home enjoying a great cup of coffee on this sunny Saturday morning- upstairs, in bed, with the fresh air, blue sky and sun shining in through the open skylights and the birds chirping sweet little tunes......I digress...that was me enjoying and appreciating the moment. Sorry, any way back on track- I thought I'd write some thoughts about the process we went through in deciding on our son's name.

Put simply, selecting a name is a really big deal! We are deciding what another human being, your child, will be for the duration of their life (well in most cases :). Definitely not a task to be taken lightly.

We have always tossed names around here and there for fun, and rarely have we found names that we both like, boys names being especially rare. After all, our last name "Jack" understandably poses a few challenges and requires a bit of extra thought.

First off you have to take into account the fact that "Jack" is a single syllable and also is a first name, so we wanted to try to avoid a name that could easily be shortened into a single syllable. Lots of people end up exclusively going by the shortened version of their first name which is fine, but we just tried to avoid those options. There are so many simple first names that I love such as Max, Miles, Charles, and Henry but they just don't work.

Then we get to the first names that end up sounding like an adjective in front of the last name Jack. For example I LOVE the first name "Harrison", but unfortunately it's often shortened to "Harry" understandably so. Harrison, shortened to Harry and in other words "Harry Jack" just isn't quite what we're going for! ha! I also am fond of "Hunter", but "Hunter Jack" sounds like Farmer John- not gonna work either.

There's also an option people choose that I love; using the mothers maiden name as a child's first name, but "Cash Jack"? Ummmmm, nope. I don't really need to explain that one. My cousin Katie named her second son Cash, but their last name is McKay- what a great name, "Cash McKay"!

Also, as part of the process I just couldn't help taking into account the slim change this kid just might be interested in athletics, so of course its got to be a name that has a great ring to it in an athletic arena too :)

Names I like (that work with Jack):
Carmello, Keyshawn (hahaha just kiddin' about those last two)

Names my husband likes:

Seriously- we're gonna be in big trouble if ever in life we end up having another son. I have no idea what we'll name him because as of now, there's only one name we both like.

So Bowman it is! Bowman is some what of a family name- about 3 years ago before all the ancestry buzz of today I discovered and spent lots of time tracing our family trees. Bowman happens to by my Alabama paternal Grandmom Cash's Grandmothers last name. That's where I first encountered it. While we realize Bowman can, and probably will be nicknamed "Bo", which is a single syllable, which we were trying to avoid- for some reason it doesn't bother me in the least bit and I kinda think it has a nice ring to it :)

Bowman is a good strong name. A question I asked my self in considering each option is "can I picture a grown man with this name?" because there are some names out there that honestly are cute for little boys, but when picturing a grown man with the name it just sounds silly.

The middle name we chose is AJ's mother's maiden name- she passed away 6 years ago and also after his Grandmother, "Gommie" Joan, we lost 2.5 years ago. Gable. (We very strongly considered Robert, after AJ's father Robert "Bobby" Jack, but in realizing that on a twisted level we'd be naming our son Bo Bob Jack- we just had to go with Gable:)

Bowman Gable Jack is our son- and he's kicking me right now!

Happy Saturday!

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